Oh for the Painted Ladies

DSC08148_49_50_tonemapped copy

There’s something special about San Francisco row houses, also known as “Painted Ladies.”  They’re colorful, artsy, full of intricate architectural frills, graceful, stately, cozy, elegant…. They’re vestiges of another time keeping up with the present just fine, thank you very much.  They’re part of pattern, superficially all alike, yet each one is different, very much its own individual.

Victorian Houses, San Francisco 6309234732_071972c568_z bad54ce5ecbacf1c77805042892cfb26 617f9c77fef133f5bb5d5b1488f32ad9 181b7a56fed76fe3e3560767fa1c83ca 800px-Haight_Ashbury11 2e005de83f7ca20c969999fc9ea2c1de

Inside, they’re a curious eclectic blend of old and new, haute style and quaintness.  They have a very new age feel to them despite being built in Victorian and Edwardian fashion.

P_Victorian M_Old_World_interior_Chateau_de_Vie jony-ive-home-san-francisco4 ARGUS    DIGITAL CAMERA 362052e80d371ceb081eaa63d0bf8d80

I guess I’d kind of love living in one, if not for all those stairs.  Stairs hurt me. 

I can’t help but find stairs fascinating, though, similarly to the way I find doors fascinating.  metaphorically, they’re both transition points.  But doors are portal to parallel spaces whereas stairs ascend or descend between places, progressing or digressing.

But with these houses, I always see the stairs going up into a kind of heaven.  I may be out of breath by the time I make it to the top, but I’m going to be high above the mundane when I get there, in a higher place in every sense of meaning, and the views of the city, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the San Francisco Bay is going to be breathtaking!

I may never come down again.  I may just nest there like a happy little bird.

Yeah, I’m busy designing a bunch of them in Sims 3.  They’re beautiful, what can I say?  And the Sims can climb all those stairs for me so I don’t have to.  What a deal, eh?

Okay, enough from the peanut gallery.  Back to work with my daydreaming self.  You too slacker!

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Holidays, flash mobs, and belief

1. I love Flash Mobs. Such sweet, joyful, surprises they bring unsuspecting passerby all over the place. Well, in the west at least. I wonder if they ever perform in the near east?

2. Sharia has so many laws against basic humanness like music, compassion, free speech and thought, female sexuality or expression, many forms of art, of dress, of merriment. Flash Mob performs in Dar Islam and Flash Mob would get whipped, arrested, or worse. It’s very sad what that cursed part of the world misses out on.

3. I thought the same thing while watching the splendor of the Nutcracker ballet with my husband and daughter this weekend past. Hijab and gender apartheid laws would have made it impossible. As it is here, though, we got to thoroughly enjoy its sheer jubilant beauty.

4. A Christian posted a video of a Flash Mob carolling in a mall, a very sweet thing, and then soured it a bit with the snide comment of “That should shut the atheists up.” How rude. Just because a person doesn’t belong to your religion doesn’t mean that can’t appreciate, even enjoy certain aspects of it.

5. Heck, I love nearly everyone’s holidays… the positive ones, that is, that celebrated good things: Birth, Life, Dancing, Hope, Harvest, Weddings, Treaties, Family, Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men (and Women too), Spring, Rebirth, Mystery, Beauty, Freedom….

6. The only holidays I don’t like are the mournful, harmful, negative ones: Ashura comes immediately to mind. That one absolutely horrifies me.

7. Musterion NinetyNine posted a fun music video of the Star Trek Next Generation cast singing “Make it So” to the tune of “Let it Snow” in cleverly meshed sound bites and I stopped to realize that I never saw a holiday celebrated in that show. Maybe they did it and I just don’t remember but considering the subspace source of Star Trek to begin with, I wondered a little at the meaning of that curiously vacant spot where there ought to be holidays. And yet they seemed very happy, self-reliant people. Maybe that’s just the thing: don’t celebrate just once in a while. Make every moment and everything you appreciate special every day. Maybe we evolve to the point where we don’t need to work so hard at being happy. We don’t have to put it on. We can just BE.

8. There was a survey posted here that was alleged to ask people all over the world what they believe in. Iceland’s majority answer was the most unique: “We believe in ourselves.”

9. I’ve heard the argument where religious people consider themselves denigrated by the theory of evolution, claiming that it makes out their ancestors to be monkeys. Monkeys are cute. But whatever. They also get leery sometimes over the unorthodox concept of God in ourselves. Used to anyway, like up until about 20 years ago or so. They seemed to think it meant people were worshipping themselves like they worshipped God. But I think that woeful misunderstanding has since wore off.

10. We are in the mind of our creator before our existence and very much an extension of our creator in our existence. We are expressions of the Artist; extension that reach out and explore it’s own essence before going back, experience rich.

11. Just my opinion. It in no way invalidates yours. You are perfectly free to have your own opinions. We do have free will after all.

12. ISIS murdered all those Christians and Yazidis for refusing to convert to Islam, even the little children. They might have saved themselves by lying and saying the Shahada, but their mouths would have been forever fouled by uttering so grievous an evil lie. How stupid must these Jihadis be to believe that words alone cement a belief in something? May they be haunted by the lives they have taken and killed by their slave girls in their sleep.

13. No matter what, you should stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone force you to say you believe what you don’t. Lies are heavy, shameful, things. Honesty is freeing.

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Cherry Chicken and Rice

This dish was inspired by a favorite Persian food back in my Iranian days.  I never learned how to make it the way they did, but over the years I have refined it into something just as good… maybe even better.

You will need:

8 boneless, skinless, chicken thighs

A 32 oz can of black cherries (preferably pitted)

A little flour

Spices:  Allspice, Cinnamon, Johnny Seasoning, Saffron

Red Wine (I use Barefoot Refresh, Summer Red – but it doesn’t taste like feet)

Jan’s Sweet Soy Sauce

Olive Oil

Butter or Margarine

White Rice



First heat a thin layer of olive oil with 2 TBS butter or margarine in your electric skillet to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wash the chicken pieces in cold water and dredge them in the flour laced with Johnny Seasoning.  Brown them in the skillet.

Meanwhile, start your rice.  Bring 3 cups water and a little dab of butter to a boil on the stove with allspice & cinnamon to taste and just a pinch of saffron.  Add 1-1/2 cups uncooked white rice, cover, reduce heat to low, and leave that way for the next 15 minutes.

Drain the juice from the cherries into a measuring cup.  Put the cherries aside.  Add enough wine to the juice to make a total of 3 cups.  Add to this 1/4 cup Jan’s Sweet Soy Sauce.

Once the chicken has been browned on both sides, pour this liquid over it, stirring and flipping it around a bit to be completely coat it.  Cover, reduce heat to 275.

Grind 1/2 cup cocoanut with 1/4 cup almonds in a food processor (you don’t have to grind it. I do just because my guys have something against nuts), stir into the rice at 15 minutes along with the reserved cherries and a TBS of butter. Cover and keep on low for about 5 minutes more.

The sauce you poured over the chicken will cling to it in a glossy purple coat.

If the rest isn’t thick enough for your liking, you can add a cup of wine mixed with cornstarch and that will thicken it up very much, very quick, so use restraint.  You don’t need to do that.

Just serve the chicken and rice already.  Your family will make happy “Nom Nom” sounds for you.  I love it when they make that sound.

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Lalalalallalalala! Ileh la!

The other day, someone on Facebook posted a list of things Christians say to atheists that annoys them. It was something like this one I found at http://en.paperblog.com/10-silliest-things-christians-say-to-atheists-518723/. I added my own agnostic comments beside each because I sometimes get these comments directed at me too:

  1.  “You’re going to hell.”  I don’t believe in hell, so this isn’t much of a threat to me but I think it’s hateful of you to apparently be wishing it on me. I also worry for you that you believe in a god who could be so cruel. If you can believe that punishing infinitely for a finite bit misbehavior or disbelief is good, I have to wonder if you really know right from wrong.
  2. “I’ll pray for you.” Okay. That’s nice…or would be if I were sick or something. I’ve seen studies. I know that prayer can work in the right circumstances. The religions or lack thereof of the individuals involved doesn’t even matter. I’m just a little insulted that you feel you need to do me this courtesy as though my disagreement with you were some sort of fatal disease. But whatever. Same to you.
  3. “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” Faith not required. Just be honest with yourself. You believe or you don’t believe. That’s up to you.
  4. “You did not have a genuine experience of salvation, or you were never a true Christian because if that were true you would have never left the Lord.” I get this same sort of comment from Muslims when I tell them I left Islam after I got to know it too well. This is something I usually only tell them when they insist I watch whatever video or read whatever book to learn “real Islam” and then I’ll convert to it. When I say I left Islam, after a few minutes shock, they’ll say to me, “Then you can’t really have ever been Muslim!” Meh. I was. I got over it.
  5. “You can’t prove God, you just have to believe!” But why do I have to believe your version of god? There’s room in the cosmos for trillions of realities both physical and spiritual. How do you know yours is the only right one? If you were honest with yourself, you might admit that you don’t. Like me, you’ve formed an opinion of what god is. Just because our opinions don’t agree doesn’t mean one of us has to be wrong. So relax. My lack of belief in what you believe does NOT invalidate your belief.
  6. “I have proof of God!” Arrogant liar. No one had solid proof. We have ideas; assumptions; opinions, religions; non-religions; inclinations; maybe even evidence…..
  7. “When we meet in the afterlife, you will look stupid.” I doubt that. But I’m sure there are things we’ll both be surprised about, things we’ve hidden from ourselves up until then.
  8. “Why are you mad at God?”  Is that a requirement for not believing in your version of god? Seriously? Okay, I know some people who have left their religions because they felt their version of god allowed bad things to happen in their lives. So, yeah, they’re angry at god. As a matter of fact, this is an excuse a lot of apostates from any religion will give for a while after they’ve left though they may eventually realize there are more pertinent reasons and that maybe they really don’t believe in that god anyway, so how can they be mad at them? It’s not a one size fits all though.  I’m not mad at god. I’m not too fond of the Yahweh and Allah characters, but then I don’t believe they’re god. I think that everything in creation is part of our Creator. We are our Creator’s expressions as It experiences and explores every aspect of Itself. In the physical, some of those aspects are good and some bad and some in between. In the non-physical, they are all just experiences. I get mad at the bad aspects incarnate – like you would be mad at the cancer in you if you had cancer – but I cannot be mad at the Whole. That would be kind of ridiculous in my opinion.
  9. “So you don’t believe in anything?”  Don’t be silly. I don’t believe what you believe. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in anything.
  10. “It [evolution] took 20 million years? Monkeys don’t live that long!” I actually haven’t heard this one before. If had, I’d have to assume the person were either joking or had no idea what evolution really was. Might be a conversation ender for me though, not because the concept of evolution is important to me one way or the other, but just because it would convince me the person was a little too slow to carry on a serious intellectual conversation with. Not like they were retarded or anything. Retardation doesn’t necessarily negate wisdom or understanding.  That I wouldn’t mind. Just that they were willfully ignorant. That sort tax my tolerance.

Yada, yada, yada. What really struck me about the posting, the version of it in Facebook, is how the poor atheist that posted it got hammered by Christians and basically told to shut up, that he was being insulting.

Told to shut up just for honestly stating the things that were being said to him that he found annoying, silly, or insulting? Its way too reminiscent of Blasphemy Laws in Islam where you aren’t allowed to tell Muslims anything they don’t want to hear or that would cause them fitna (disbelieve/self-questioning) or they will throw you in prison and might even execute you. Not kidding. Insane but true.

That was a conversation I decided not to take part in. It would have been too much like trying to talk to people who have their fingers stuck in their ears, eyes squeezed shut, saying “Lalalalalalalalala….” as loudly as possible and I’d get hundreds of notifications of such from the forum in question.  Irritating even to contemplate.

This is interestingly enough the reaction I got from a Pakistani Muslim the other day when I mentioned being very upset over the things ISIS has been doing. First he says ISIS isn’t really Islamic. Then he starts saying how Islam doesn’t teach what ISIS does (it DOES teach that, but whatever) and starts suggesting videos I should watch about the “beauty” of Islam.

At one point, he told me to show him any mistakes in the Koran and he’d leave Islam immediately.

Oy Vey. Trick offer. Religious faith does not require facts so what would be the point? And what exactly constitutes a mistake in that context? I hadn’t even asked him to leave Islam. I’d just said I didn’t like Islam after he started pushing it at me, but that if he believed it, I was sure he had his personal reasons for it and that was his business.

I told him I wasn’t religious and didn’t really care what Islam taught so much as what it did and there are some pretty bad things being done in the name of Islam and have been throughout its history.

Guess I was causing him fitna with my reaction to his dawah (the Islamic version of evangelism).

I tried to change the subject but it was too late. He’d gone into full defensive mode, blaming Jews, blaming Americans, saying how bad it was that we’re bombing Muslims in Iraq and Syria (read “ISIL/ISIS), how evil that was of us, all those jihadi kids (the ones being taught to behead people) made fatherless, and I soon realized… he wasn’t eschewing ISIS. He was defending it. He didn’t really think there was anything wrong with what ISIS was doing… just that the world was wrong to criticize its barbaric actions.

I stopped talking to him of course. I may not shut up about something I disagree with, but I’m sure not going to waste my words on the willfully ignorant. Pearls before swine anyone?

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Scotland thinks I’m such a meanie

Seriously.  When a teenage girl there pranked a mosque by putting a strip of bacon on their door, they had her arrested for the insult.  Granted, it was an act of disrespect toward Islam, but GEEZE…. Seems to me the most natural thing in the world under the circumstances.  Islam has, after all, been the neighborhood bully to all of us, especially lately.   So I commented on a post about it, “Whah. Such cry babies. They cut heads off, rape, murder, and commit all manner of crimes against humanity, but a little bit of bacon offends them?  How pathetic!” and I posted this picture:


Scotland, Muslim and non-Muslim alike was NOT amused and have been calling me a big meanie ever since for impugning and disrespecting their Muslims.

Meh.  It probably wasn’t a great picture to post.  It’s appropriately mocking, but crude art.  I could have done better by posting suitably elouquent photographs like…

FreedomGoToHell dac5bd430fb657d60e3ae8b2aa30f8b2 Y5WwXzE isis-heads-in-syria-1 isis-beheading 10491172_950671641625105_706185322033673242_n Islam_terror islam-will-dominate-the-world islamic-radicals 1393379_764514700242374_1089731996_n d44965279dfc82276ac6d06efa58932a

For years I haven’t liked Islam.  That’s why I’m not Muslim any longer.  But I still made allowances for its followers.  My logic was that a person is a person first and THEN they are a gender, a nation, a member of whatever religion… etc.  It still applies in most cases, but not so blithely for Islam any longer.  No.  When thousands of Muslims from all over the world converged on the Middle East and started mass murdering, shooting, stoning, beheading, and/or raping and enslaving non-Muslims, that put paid to that theory.

How could there be so many psychopathic killers, serial rapists, and general purpose sickos in one religion unless the religion itself were producing them?

And that’s the very thing about Islam I was trying so hard to ignore, to let slide, but I guess I always really knew the truth.  Islam teaches this stuff.  Last stats I saw on this (and it’s been awhile since I checked), 80% of all mosques has a cleric preaching violent jihad to the masses.  And I know how that works.  I lived among Muslims for over a year.  I know how they receive such preaching. 

If you happen to belong to any religion but Islam in the world, you probably assume that the Muslims listening to such preaching are all just tuning it out.  If they were tuning in, after all, they’d have either left the mosque as not representing anything good, or you’d stay and become a terrorist just because that’s the kind of person you are.

That’s not the kind of person all Muslims are.  Bear in mind that it attracts some new convert via Taqia, which is lying in the interest of Islam.  Others, it converts by force.  To leave Islam in any country under sharia law (which is based on Koran and hadith) is a capital offence.  So all kinds of people are Muslim whether they’ve chosen it for themselves or had it crammed down their throats.  But all serious Muslims take every teaching they’re given in a very literal way.   Mere allegory has no place in Islam. 

In the west, though – assuming you’re not living in a Muslim community, you can leave Islam without being killed for it.  And if they do hunt you down and kill you for it, it’s murder and they will do prison time or be executed for it.

So anyway, Scotland’s Muslims in particular are outraged with me for saying what I did and insisting that the ISIS I’m basing my assumption on are “not real Muslims.”  They wouldn’t do such things as ISIS does.

But see, I don’t believe that.  I know exactly how literally, ISIS is following the Koran and the examples set by Prophet Mohammad himself.  I know that not every Muslim does so.  There are those that, despite Muslim tendencies, especially living in the west, do take take those teachings literally.  Either they attend the rare mosque that doesn’t teach the violent stuff, or they don’t attend mosque at all, just praying at home and picking and choosing what they want from the Koran like Christians do from the Bible.

The Old Testament is a lot like the Koran in its violence level but here’s the difference: the core teaching of Christianity is the Golden Rule, which comes from the New Testament, said to supplant the Old Testament.  The Golden Rule is the one really important rule in Christianity.  The rest is just a squabble of social politics.  In Islam, however, the core teaching is submission to god and every last tittle of every example set by the prophet and every commandment set forth in the Koran.  And there’s a lot of them!  Very hardline.  A lot a violence too… including the Old-Testamenteques Eye-for-an-eye rule.

I hate Islam.  Daily it murders, rapes, and enslaves on a grand scale.  Any Muslim that fails to leave it in response to that behavior, is clearly FOR that kind of behavior and I’m done making excuses/allowances for them. 

Not to worry, Scottish non-Muslims are still making excuses for them.  They haven’t yet realized they have a viper in their midst.  Poor saps.  Oh well.

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Afterlife Thoughts

Many religious people believe that God judges them in the afterlife and assigns them either Heaven or Hell for the rest of their eternity.  Many are of the opinion that it is not so correct action, but correct belief that gets one to Heaven and that incorrect belief, even accompanied by correct action, will get one to Hell.

You get infinite reward or punishment for finite deeds/beliefs.

I once believed that too, back in my days of religion (first Pentecostal Christian, then Shi-ite Muslim), but my eventual reaction to that was if God is really that way about it, then he’s petty, unjust, and not worth worshiping.  Old Testament accounts of God’s behavior just enforced that impression and convinced me that if God was like that, then Christ had absolutely nothing to do with him since Christ is nearly always portrayed as loving, forgiving, just, and easy going.

That whole thought process emerged from religious roots.  That said, it makes perfect sense to me that the highest incidence of the Satanic Church are in the so-called Bible Belt where non-conformists to religious majority or most likely to be sidelined and harassed.  The Satanic Church is not a separate religion from the Christian Church; it’s a direct reaction thereto and therefore merely a sect of Christianity.  Christians will probably hate my saying so, but I’m pretty sure Satanism wouldn’t exist at all if not for the need of some people badgered into religion to rebel. 

Some people can live with the cognitive dissonance caused by inner beliefs contrasting with those imposed from without.  Others can’t.  I couldn’t.  You cram religion down a free spirit’s throat and they will rebel.  Rebellion is what forges sectism in some people while in others, like me, it eventually forges freedom from the box.

It was a long process for me, but living as a Muslimah for a while and seeing what life was really under religion-dominated laws left me with no taste for religion at all.  I found I didn’t need or want anyone to tell me what to do, how to think, and what to believe.  I realized I was slowly but surely forming my own beliefs and religion had nothing to do with it… except to get me started, of course.  You know what I mean.  Right?

My first step away from religion was when my Pentecostal Sunday School teacher kind of drove me away from the church by continually calling me “Tongue of Satan” whenever I questioned anything and finally topped it off by accusing me of witchcraft and preaching “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!”

I asked him what constituted witchcraft and he told me it was the expression of any kind of “supernatural” abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, farseeing, that sort of thing.  S’okay, as a teenager, I did actually fit that bill.  In particular, I was very psychic back then.  That’s when I realized he and others like him in the church, were judging me not on whatever I did on purpose, but simply what I was, with or without my trying.  They had the same attitude towards gays and people of other religions, even other sects of their own religion.

I left the church and when I returned just once for a Christmas pageant after I’d begun college, the same Sunday school teacher confronted me again.  This time, he acted friendly at first and asked what I’d been up to.  I told him about going to college and the perfect 4. GPA I was getting.  His response (scowling)? “So education is what corrupted you!  I should have known.”

I gave up trying to talk to him after that.  Apparently, to be educated was to be unholy in his book.

I converted to Islam not long after that, not because I thought it was a better religion, but simply because my teacher in it didn’t demonize me for asking questions.  I didn’t mention to him that I was witch.  He might have demonized me for that. 

He badgered me constantly to convert for him so we could marry.

I was in no hurry to marry, but I was infatuated with him and this seemed so important to him that I figured, why not?  One religion is the same as another, right?

I didn’t find out how much he’d lied about what he taught me or that Islam was NOT like any other religion until after he’d tricked me into going to Iran with him, thinking to entrap me there.

While trapped in Iran and desperate to escape with my baby son, I had my first fully conscious out-of-body experience.  That made some things very clear to me that I would otherwise not have as fully realized:

1.  I was a much, if not MORE, myself outside of my body than in it.  The ramifications for death, meant that there really is no death.  Just because you’re not in your body any longer doesn’t mean your dead or even gone.  We really are eternal beings.

2.  Our physical senses are a very limited portal for our impressions of the world.  Beyond them, nothing is dark, colors are much more intense, and nothing focussed on in oblique from sight, scent, touch, or hearing.  Distance makes no difference.  Everything is readily perceivable.

3.  I did not simply perceive the things I focussed on; I merged with them.  I realized how very much a part of the world, both seen and unseen, I really was.  The night winds, for instance, blew through me rather than against me.  I felt hot and cold as feelings not as comforts or discomforts.  I could take them exactly as they were and love them as they were.  Meh.  Too hard to explain.

4.  And this is even harder to explain: I couldn’t hide from myself.  Could delude myself about anything.  Everything about me and my perceptions were wide open.  I couldn’t lie to myself about anything.

5.  A thought could take me anywhere.  I started rushing toward my beloved full moon before suddenly realizing that I might be leaving my body and my baby son behind forever if I did so.  And with that one frightening thought, I abruptly fell all the way back down into my body with thud, arms flying out on impact, accidentally clubbing my Iranian husband over the head and waking him.  He snarled at me for that, took his bedding, and moved out into the hall for the rest of the night.

This interested me in later times to understand my own experience.  To verify it.  To think of it in terms other than religion, though, of course, I looked at religion to explain it as well.  But religion only talked of Heaven or Hell or Nirvana and Nirvana made more sense than either of the former but not enough sense.  As for Jihadis getting Paradise and 72 perpetual virgins in the afterlife after committing mass-murder suicide in the cause of religion, that was totally unbelievable, even insulting, to my mind.  If the god of the Bible was petty, Allah was positively DEMONIC to reward such bad conduct.

Yes, those were still very religious judgements on my part.  I know.  Religion is full of judgement but not necessarily common sense there.  Some things don’t make sense from a purely practical outer view.  Anyway…  I read loads about ancient aliens and their involvement with the human race and that felt a lot truer to me but it didn’t really explain the spiritual aspects of reality so much as those that are almost wholly physical.  Yes, the Ellohim probably were ancient alien geneticists, our sub-creators.  But they were created too and probably have a subspace reality of their own as surely as we do.

I found more that made sense to me in reading the communications of souls speaking from the other side as well as sidewise from Wiccan ideas of reality:

1.  All things are manifestations/expression of an infinite Mind.

2.  We are all part of our Creator.

3.  Good and Evil as we know it are manifestation that only make sense in the physical where they specifically affect our well-being and survival here but are often used deceitfully here.  People being told that doing harmful/hateful/destructive things to themselves or others is somehow a good thing or that helpful/nurturing/creative things is somehow bad.  From the viewpoint of those on the other side, experience of any kind is still a learning experience and they won’t tag it as good or bad BUT…

4.  There is a kind of judgement of our actions in the physical.  We judge ourselves.  We can’t help it.  Everyone experiences something called “Life Review” after they cross back over the great divide.  They experience everything they have done to others, will enjoy the good and feel sick at the bad.  Good and bad as we perceive it here in terms of its effect on ourselves and others. 

5.  Love is unconditional on the other side but as long as we are tangled up still in what we have done on earth, we will shut ourselves off from that.

6.  Those who have been very hurtful to others feel all that hurt as if it were being done to them.  They can’t not feel it.  We are all a part of each other.  In the physical, we can hide from that fact.  In the spiritual, there is no hiding.  Those suffering the hurts they have done are in a very dark place.  They don’t have to be.  But they have wrongs to redress and hurts to heal from before they can join the greater body of ultimate reality. 

I’m still exploring a body of information on this topic.  Still a lot to learn about it.  Details.  I need to find the right questions to ask.  But Heaven, Hell, or Nirvana?  That won’t cut it.  Not for me.

I know.  I’m being fuddy duddy about this.  I don’t want pat answers of platitudes.  I want what makes sense to me.  Answers that have pattern verification.  I’m big on finding the patterns in things in order to pick out larger pictures.

I think we all need to do that.  I think our minds, being a part of our Creator, are powerful enough to create unending realities for ourselves.  Just some realities are more sustainable than others.  Does that make sense?

Found this regarding terrorists in the Afterlife:  http://afterlifedata.com/afterlife_topics.php?topicid=265&secid=5.  It’s not much, but it does intrigue.  There’s a book I’ve been meaning to read about that:  http://books.google.com/books?id=iDjT3_T5mmoC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false


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A War Between Good and Evil

Whether Obama admits it or not, we are at war extremist Islam, Islam the way Mohammad himself practiced it; Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL practice it. It is a war of ideologies; of good and evil; creation and destruction; harmony and disharmony, progressiveness and backwardness, freedom and oppression… and it has very physical attributes.

islam3  boko-haram  islamic-radicals jihadspeech

The enemy lives for death. It lives to steal the lives and goods of innocents belonging to other faiths and non-faiths. Some it beheads. It puts the heads of adults on pikes along roadside. It puts the heads of children on pikes that are placed around parks where these children used to play. It rounds up and shoots long lines of helpless captives whose bodies are let to fall and rot in ditches.

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Others, mostly women and little girls, it sells into sex slavery. It shoots missiles into civilian populations, targeting children more than anyone. Its own children are either trained to be mass murderers like their parents or used as body shields the terrorists stand behind. It stones people to death. I don’t care what the crime is. Don’t even try to excuse it to me. The only crime worthy of such a cruel death is stoning someone else to death.


I refer to the enemy as IT because it is comprised of anti-humans, the enemy of all of Mankind, Satan Personified: Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL, etc. It was created by parents and clerics that taught hateful things to all in their thrall; to hate persons of other cultures and religions; to denigrate them and women too; to enslave; to rob, to humiliate, to kill without mercy.


The Koran has in it peaceful verses and those that are all about violence and depravity.

Born Muslims have no choice but to choose Islam as their religion. Their own people will kill them if they don’t. So good people simply pick out the peaceful/progressive verses of the Koran and do their best to ignore and deny the rest.

Bad people, of course, do the opposite; choosing the violence and depravity… and then they put the pressure on good people to do the same. The argument is probably something along the lines of god’s law being above human law or sensibilities. I’m not sure. Whatever it is they do, they do lure many over the line of humanity and compassion into pure darkness and evil.


My hope is that American Muslims would not be so duped that way. My hope is that American Muslims migrated here from Dar Islam because our way of life here, backed up by our American Constitution, assures them a life of liberty and justice for all. I would hope, too, that when they got their American citizenship, they understood the need for them, for ALL of us, to sincerely uphold our constitution and fly our flag with pride and gratitude.


If not, they don’t belong here… those, for instance, like a certain Muslim community in Deerborn MI, that rallies for Sharia Law to replace democracy. We’re really more of a republic here, but Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to our constitution, therefore any talk of bringing Sharia Law to the U.S. is a conflict of interests and seditious in its very nature. 

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Say all your want about our president or government practices and no matter how bad it is, most Americans are not likely to mind.  But when you threaten our constitution, you threaten all we hold dear and you are likely to find yourself threated in turn.  The proposal of replacing our constitution isn’t just seditious, it goes against all of our civil and basic human rights and we won’t take kindly to that.

Support our constitution, ban Sharia, or leave the U.S. and your American citizenship behind. Choose now. With the infamy extremist Islam is so rapidly accruing via its threats against our great nations and the horrors it commits in the nations it inflicts, your time for choosing sides is running out. An America under Sharia law wouldn’t be a decent place to live any longer. It would be just another 3rd world Islamist hell hole and no American worth their salt would tolerate that happening here.  It would also be very bad for those who mistakenly opt for the hell hole.

For those who have never read the whole Constitution and the Bill of Rights within it, I’ve listed just what’s pertinent to the discussion, where Sharia would run counter to it:

The 1st Amendment protects the people’s right to practice religion, to speak freely, to assemble (meet), to address (petition) the government, and of the press to publish.  This also means you can’t interfere with anyone’s else’s right to do likewise.  Your freedom stops where mine begins and vis-versus.  No killing or charging tribute (jizya) to those who are not of your religion.  No blasphemy laws.  No silencing of constructive criticisms or free speech or publishing period.


The 8th Amendment guarantees that punishments will be fair, and not cruel, and that extraordinarily large fines will not be set.  Sharia laws are insanely cruel, unfair against women and minorities, and often way out of proportion for the crime so none can apply.

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the entire United States.  The Koran allows slavery and it is still practiced throughout Dar Islam…. 


Modern Slave Trade


…We do NOT.  If you’re found holding a slave, you will go to jail like Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban did.  She might have gone to prison as well had she not been able to pay the 5 million dollar bail.  Even so, she had to stick around to answer the charges against her and her slave was freed from her since humans are not the property of other humans here.

meshaelThe 19th Amendment ensures that gender cannot be used as a criteria for voting.  Sharia treats women as half persons under the law.  We’ll have none of that here, thank you very much.

Other rights guaranteed by our constitution (in no particular order) that Sharia also runs counter to:

Retaliation is impermissible.  No eye for an eye here.  You leave it to proper law processes.

No one, not even your parents or spouse, is allowed to disable/remove/limit any right, privilege, or immunity given to you under our laws and constitution unless you are a minor, which by default shall be any individual under the age of 18 unless the disabilities of minority are extended or reduced by court order.

Unimpeded devotion or practice of religion, not preferentially supported by public funds.  

Not to be subject to meddling without a clear, present, and compelling public need.  For instance…

  • Practice of a profession or occupation, marriage, procreation, and acceptance or denial of medical prevention or treatment, except prevention of contagious diseases
  • Not to have some accorded special privileges or protections that favor them over the rest of the people, in ways not essential to the performance of public duties
  • Not to be enslaved or submitted to peonage except as punishment for a crime, but subject to militia, jury, witness, and other public duty.
  • Not to be impeded or punished for voting if one is a citizen and resident on grounds of race, color, creed, previous servitude, gender, age 18 or above, or failure to pay a tax.
  • Not to be neglected or abused while in custody.
  • Not to be denied any right, privilege, or immunity for failure to have or present a name or other form of identification.
  • Not to be deported without proof that one has not been born or naturalized as a citizen, unless one is born to a person not subject to the allegiance of the United States, such as a foreign diplomat or an invader.
  • Not to be subject to penalty for not doing something, such as not paying a tax, if government agents refuse to allow it to be done, such as not accepting payment of a tax.
  • Not to deny relief from some government action for lack of an appropriation to process the application for relief, or having an official to receive the application, and to fail to recognize the demand for such relief as being granted by default.
  • Not to be required to procreate or to refrain from procreating.
  • Not to have imposed upon one any unwanted belief or expression of devotion or to be pressured into conformity with such

 from http://constitutionalism.blogspot.com/2012/07/list-of-constitutional-rights.html

Neither Sharia law, government, spouse, nosey neighbors, or parents are not allowed to meddle here.

Oh yes, and American men and women have equal rights, not like the disparity of such found under Sharia. 


Be American or be Islamist. You can’t be both.  You really can’t.  It’s a clear conflict of interests.


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