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Calling all beauticians: How Permanent is Permanent?

Chorus from an old song called Time… “Time, time, rolls the hills along, makes the stars go round to the sky’s bright song…  Time, time, stirs the endless sea… Maybe time will bring you back to me….” Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Just an observation

Eygpt, Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen in revolt.  One third of their populations are unemployed.  Water is growing scarce as farmers use excessive amounts on quat (rhymes with squat) and people breed like rabbits eshewing birth control, far beyond the natural resources required … Continue reading

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Dumb dream this morning!

I made some kind of pact with some other women to be a sacrificial victim.  I did not want to be a sacrificial victim.  I thought they were being incredibly stupid, but I went along with it because they whined … Continue reading

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My Spooky Experiences at Fort Casey

Sometime back in the Victorian era, a lighthouse was built on the end of Whidbey Island where Fort Casey is now.  The lighthouse is still there…. …it’s just surrounded by fort now.  It is also the fort’s only really tangible … Continue reading

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I’m just going to get this out of my system, okay?

Greifs: 1.  Islamist thugs!  GAH!  We should have no dealings with Islamist governments, no trade, no aid to, no education of, nothing that could remotely support such… except to offer assylum to their women and religious minorities who will be … Continue reading

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My Heart on the Moon

I think I left my heart on the moon, Marooned as it were in its silver light, The only familiar thing in a foreign land, As there I straddled the back of a night mare, The sharp icy stone of a … Continue reading

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Twisted wedding dreams

In the first, I was on a street in modern day Tehran, carefully dressed the part again, though resenting it, and in the company of a former female Iranian relative who felt the same way about it.  Afam?  We stroll … Continue reading

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