12-21-2012: Five Worlds Passed and Another Yet to Come

 This is a repost of a blog I originally wrote on MySpace in 2007.

12… 21… 2012… Time pauses. She holds her breath… the barrier we can’t look beyond; chill promise to keep and five more years to wait.

But wait for what? The belching of fire from the bowels of the earth? Hopefully it will devour the imams and their ilk and not vomit for it after.

The doomsayers claim it will be end of the world, but I think not. More like the end of this one… the end of an epoch like so many gone before.

Close one door and another pops open, light spilling out on the new fallen snow, luminous white beneath the sparkling winter solstice stars a while past the other side, unbroken by previous footsteps.

A fresh breeze blows past my face and I breathe a wistful wreath of frozen air, wishing for lovely Christmases still to go with this pristine snow. 

 * * *

“The Mayans knew that our Sun, or Kinich-Ahau, every so often synchronized with the enormous central galaxy. And from this central galaxy received a ‘spark’ of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call ‘solar flares’ as well as changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced.” – From, The Mayan End Times

I’ve been doing a little more research about that Mayan Calendar thing and taking down the most pertinent points as a result of certain questions Jeb asked me about my above poem, 12… 21… 2012, which he didn’t understand at all. I’d written the poem as a result of something my friend Kachina had posted called “Time Travel;” a gut reaction visualization.

As to the subject itself, I didn’t feel all that adequate to Jeb’s questions because I’d only heard the vaguest details of 12-21-2012 before though was very familiar with the time travel method Kachina referenced.

But time travel is not what Jeb asked about. Nope. He wanted to know where or how the Mayans could have gotten such a sophisticated understanding of astronomy, never mind the verity of their prophecies or preservation of deep history so long before their own civilization began.

I started to explain to him the theories of such people as Zacharia Stitchin and, regarding certain ruins, the fact that there have been enough highly advanced societies on this planet prior to our own that the Mayan could very well have gotten their sciences from one of them. But then I stopped, feeling I was loosing him by being too wordy.

One thing we both wanted to know is what exactly is supposed to happen when one “World” ends and another begins. Also, what were the defining events of each “World.” So I figured out approximately when each of those “Worlds” would have been, and googled for civilizations and global events in each time period. Maybe you’ll see the connection with the movie “www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000VDDWE2 target_blank if you’ve ever seen it? That scenario proposed by the movie has happened to human civilizations in the past – but that’s only one of many scenarios.

So here’s what I have so far:

1st World: Began 25,625 years ago… right in the realm of where we really don’t know so much. Or at least, I don’t. I couldn’t find out much about this period except that it experienced a brief global warming followed by an ice age that took serious toll on many species, including Neanderthals which, by the way, must have coexisted with the modern humans that somehow survived. The oldest modern human skeleton was discovered in Om Ethiopia. The bones were an unbelievable 185,000 years old!

Cro-Magnon also coexisted with Neanderthals and seems to have gone extinct at the same time. There have been found mixed graves of both together as well as the bones of hybrids so they must have had close association with one another.

And then there are the legends, regarding the demise of Atlantis, for instance, sometimes attributed to this period. One claims that Atlantis made war on Lemuria, moving one of earth’s two moons far out of orbit and causing cataclysm and flooding on earth. There were only 2 million survivors out of a then world population of 65 million. Most of those survivors were “genetic mutants of lower consciousness.” Beings from elsewhere took advantage of their state and became their “gods,” instilling the “Divine Right of Kings,” and so beginning the following age.

Hey, it’s a legend. Not my fault if it’s weird. It’s interesting anyway.

2nd World: Begins 20,500 years ago.

20,000 years ago, global mean temperature 4 degrees C cooler than today, although the North Atlantic was 14 degrees C cooler. Lower sea level allows large-scale migrations of people into the Americas.

Tiahuanaco was an ancient port city whose architecture is sophisticated by even modern standards. Its age is estimated at 17,000 years and the Pleistocene animals depicted in much of its art are appropriate to that age. Its huge stone docks were capable of comfortably docking hundreds of large ships, implying that it must have had trade with far flung places, that were likely commensurate to itself. Yet lime and silt deposits on the Alta Plano where it now sits and the fact that it is now 12,500 feet above sea level and several miles from the nearest water, Lake Titicaca, which is salt water, imply that has undergone some tremendous geological events. Yet it must have been at sea level once to judge by the fossilized sea life around it and the sea life still living in Lake Titicaca.

Some would claim this must have been a port of Atlantis, but I don’t think that its age and sophistication are necessarily proof of that. I think it was just one of many civilizations that have risen and fallen with the breathing of the universe.

3rd World: Begins 15,375 years ago.

Human world population was around 5 million.
Gray wolves were domesticated in East Asia and from those domestic wolves, all modern dogs are descended – almost as if they changed form to meet whatever their human companions needed of them. They assisted in the hunt, they hauled sledges and sleds, they protected, and they shared the huts, hearth, and food of their human families. (Savolainen, Leonard, 2002).

People cross over land bridges from Asia to the American continent, taking advantage of the very low sea levels of the time.

The period ended with an abrupt global warming following a slow increase in mean temperature that began some 3,000 years before. The increase in Greenland was about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This would have meant severe storms, flooding, changes of habitat for various species, and some extinction. Some mega fauna went extinct at this time to include the American Mastodon, Mammoths, and the Saber-Tooth Cat.

4th World: Begins 10,250 years ago, following the end of the Ice Age.

“The flooding of the Black Sea 7,600 years ago may have played a role in the migration of the Indo-European proto-language.”

The end of the ice age would have meant melting glaciers and icebergs, rising sea levels, and vast areas of flooded lowlands world-wide. England used to be joined to mainland Europe by great wooded lowland prior to this. Now that same valley is known as the English Channel. On the continental shelf are sometimes found the bones of mammoths and stone spearheads. “Early Man” obviously hunted there.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, the end of the Ice Age saw the end of an apparently far more advanced civilization. The construction date of the Sphinx is now estimated at sometime prior to 10,000 years ago – despite the claims of a 4th Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu to them. Most recent estimate is that it was built 12,000 years ago. Reason being is the obvious weathering on the stone from torrential rain and flooding on the Sphinx that is not mimicked by other structures in the same area that really do seem to have been built during the 4th dynasty. A possible exception is the Great Pyramid, whose outer stones were removed by local villagers sometime in the past several centuries so the actual weathering that may have been on it is difficult to ascertain.

At any rate, the last time Egypt experienced torrential rain and flooding is when the Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago. Obviously it was built some time before the flooding began. You don’t construct a statue of that magnitude, complete with the underground archives attributed to it, when you expect it to be covered with water most of the time.

The old school Egyptologists are a bit prickly over the fact that the water weathering actually got noticed. It forces them to reassess the beginnings of civilization there. In short, it leaves them fumbling for answers flummoxed at how much they don’t know.

The famed Ice Man was born and died toward the end of this period. He’d been exposed after being murdered, quickly frozen, and buried by a glacier for 5,300 years. He was not seen again until recently when the glacier melted due to the present accelerated rate of global warming that has exceeded all extrapolations that were charted in models. The well-preserved clothing and implements found on his body show him to have been the product of a simple culture – hunters and agriculturists – but with curious leftovers from something more advanced. The contents of his medicine pouch, for instance, show surprising medical knowledge.

Bruce Masse, an environmental archaeologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a 3-mile-wide comet hit into the Indian Ocean around 5,000 years ago resulting in 600-mile-high, super-heated water vapor hitting the air causing super cyclones, a week of darkness caused by great quantities of matter ejected into the air, and massive flooding.

“The Bible describes a deluge for 40 days and 40 nights that created a flood so great that Noah was stuck in his ark for two weeks until the water subsided. In the Gilgamesh Epic, the hero of Mesopotamia saw a pillar of black smoke on the horizon before the sky went dark for a week. Afterward, a cyclone pummeled the Fertile Crescent and caused a massive flood. Myths recounted in indigenous South American cultures also tell of a great flood.”

“Among 175 flood myths, Masse found two of particular interest. A Hindu myth describes an alignment of the five bright planets that has happened only once in the last 5,000 years, according to computer simulations, and a Chinese story mentions that the great flood occurred at the end of the reign of Empress Nu Wa. Cross-checking historical records with astronomical data, Masse came up with a date for his event: May 10, 2807 B.C.” This event would have put an effective end to the 4th World.

5th World: Begins 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku which is 3113 B.C. (or 5108 years ago). Ended 1987.

5,108 years ago, the Mayan civilization began in South America, the Serpent Mound was built in Ohio, and Stonehenge was built on Salisbury Plain in England. Likewise began the “ready made” civilizations in Summer and Egypt, obviously descendent of far older civilizations that would have preceded them. It was during in this period that all event in the Bible occurred, though the events of Genesis were definitely first recorded by the people of Summer and much later adopted by the Hebrews during the Babylonian Captivity.

I’m not even going to go into what is apparently a lot of otherworldly interference with human development at that time. Nor will I bother with much else as this is the beginning of our historical times, after all, and should know as much about its totality as anyone.

‘The Time of No-Time’. A period of 20 years, which they call a Katún. The last 20 years of the Sun’s cycle of 5,125 years. This cycle is from 1992 – 2012.

Unlike the “Worlds” previous, we have not yet experienced global cataclysms such as would shake us off the foundations of our civilizations but the rapid rate of global warming at present could easily lead to such… increased storms and storm intensity not to mention equally rapid cooling into another ice age and possibly increased tectonic events as well as the earth reacts to unusual, though periodic stressed.

The test of every “World” it seems, is how well it can manage to survive nearly devastating circumstances. Are we strong enough, smart enough, wise enough, adaptive enough, compassionate enough to save what’s most important to us when finally we find ourselves truly and completely challenged?

6th World: begins 12-21-2012. What next?

For one thing, the climate is changing now and many low-laying lands will be lost as a result. Indonesia, for example:

“Under current greenhouse gas emission levels, Indonesia could lose about 400,000 sq km of land mass by 2080, including about 10 percent of Papua, and 5 percent of both Java and Sumatra on the northern coastlines, Armi Susandi, a meteorologist at the Bandung Institute of Technology, told Reuters.”

The Kyoto Accord which is for limited greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere, expired in 2012 and Indonesia is in a panic that no potential replacement for it is on the table. Also, there is some justifiable anger at the U.S. for having refused to sign it in the first place. Why didn’t we? It might have helped at least a little bit.

However, most of the blame still being put on man-made greenhouse gasses is either somewhat misplaced or entirely too late. These climate changes have happened before with painful regularity. As near as I can see, it’s followed the Mayan calendar world changes perfectly, subjecting us to climate change around every 5,000 years or so (5,125 years?). It can’t all be greenhouse gasses.

Point of note, in fact, is that the other planets in the solar system are warming up as is the sun so fluctuation in solar output (maybe a result of that “spark” the Mayans referred to) is likely to blame.

Either way, we are very unlikely to be able to stop climate change in motion. The best we can do is explore methods of survival. People in low-lying coastal areas need to move, for example.

I live on the west coast of Washington State. I know that there’s a danger of much here being lost to the sea too, except for the many high hilltops, which may well become islands. Jeb and I live on one… and looked down on the flooded Snohomish River valley just last night. The valleys flood often enough as it is. Rising sea levels, since we are on a sea front, will only increase the problems.

In dreams I’ve had, I sometimes see the Snohomish river valley as a wide salt marsh rather than the farms there are now – though you could grow cranberries in a marsh, of course. More often, I see it as a glacier… and I’m still on my hilltop looking down at it. And it’s still a very beautiful view.


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