Osama Bin Ladin

Another previous unpublished blog from a while back ago when I didn’t know what I was doing and thought I’d published it.  I really need to clean up my archives!

Okay.  I’m satisfied.

Here are the before and after photos of Osama Bin Laden:

This something I had to see in order to have the assurance that this mass murdering boogeyman was really gone.  I don’t think its photo shopped.  I’ve looked carefully at a blown-up version and the only possible discrepancy I found was that the pixels in the lower part of the face were smoother and more well blended, a fact which can pretty much be dismissed by the ravages on the upper part of the face, translating to coarseness of pixilation.  If it’s a fake, it’s well done. 

I’m very good at composite art myself and I don’t think I could have done so well… not saying there couldn’t possibly be those that are better at this than me.  There could be and, is so, they’d have used the top most picture of Bin Laden to collage over that of another dead body.  But the correlating information seems to support this being real, especially since Islamists everywhere are having a hissy fit over his “brutal killing.” 

Pooh.  Bin Laden was a far more brutal murder of many others.  He deserved far worse than what he got.  Let him choose between burning to death in a raging inferno or jumping to another certain death many stories below.  Islamists need to get their story straight.  Either they support terrorism or they don’t.  Looks like from their reaction, they DO support terrorism andPakistanwas knowingly sheltering terrorists.  We should really stop sending American aid to those nations.

Yet most American Muslims, being American, said their goodbyes and good riddance to Bin Laden. Those few who didn’t are clearly our enemies and need to go home to Dar Islam. It really is that simple.

I should explain, I suppose, why I didn’t believe the story of Bin Laden being dead when I first heard it.  The details of the story changed a few times due to “The fog of war,” no picture of the body was offered and Obama should have known that would be a necessary part of healing and satisfaction for the families of the victims at the very least, and the body was allegedly dumped in the sea. 

They said this was to prevent a shrine being made of Osama’s grave… which I’m sure it would have been by Osama’s Islamist followers IF the body got a proper Islamic burial (washed, wrapped, and buried in earth with his head towardMecca) instead of being deservedly treated as the body to an enemy of mankind.  I don’t know about other Islamic countries, but there is formula for that inIran: You dig an outhouse, drop the body into it, and visitor to the grave pay their disrespects by using the outhouse.  Hopefully they’ll someday have the chance to do that othe brutal members of the IRI regime.

What?  Didn’t Ground zero need a new outhouse?  Better that than a mosque I think.

Anyway, what’s done is done.  I was happy enough just to see the picture.  I know it’s not the end of Islamist terrorism, but I do believe it’s a damn fine start.  I just feel sorry for Bin Laden’s wives and other family members. 

His family are by and large not bad people at all.  In fact, most of them aren’t even extremist.  Osama was simply the family black sheep and that’s why all but his helpless wives and children had disowned him.  They’re as much victims of what Bin Laden did as the rest of us, but how will they ever wash away the stink of association?  I seriously hope they can and that all this violence and craziness will soon fall well behind us and underfoot.

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2 Responses to Osama Bin Ladin

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I hope the violence ends soon as well.


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