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Funny and not so funny random thoughts

1.  There was an add on the radio just now that I only caught the tail end of: “Just call us to come and take a look at your junk and we’ll make it disappear!”  I nearly laughed out loud … Continue reading

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The Liebstrosity!

My sweet friends and have nominated me for the Liebster award.  So in answer to their questions… 1. What is your secret talent? Instinctively intuiting people in such a way that I can either help them greatly or take them … Continue reading

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The Bear

I was visiting a village surrounded by a deep thick woods that the people there only rarely ventured into.  They considered it dangerous in some way, which struck both my waking and my dreaming self as rather odd… and unworthy … Continue reading

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Costuming and such

Today Jeb and I kidnapped Amy from her hubby and kids and went on a costume hunt together.  Couldn’t get Jeb to try anything on  by Amy and I made up for his lack.  The Marysville Value Village was full … Continue reading

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Snippets of Song

My muse has been shaking the bars of her monkey cage all morning.  My brain was too foggy to deal with that noise.  And then she tickled me with an idea, a treasure hunt in words, a game of sorts.  … Continue reading

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1. My daughter Amelia hooked me up with Sims 3 for making my house designs on.  I’ve been learning it by leaps and bounds, very delighted with the wonderful graphics as compared to my HGTV saying she’d like me to design some … Continue reading

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The Outback Kangaroo Farm

Last week, when Jeb suggested having the kids over for dinner this weekend, I thought about all the mischief my devilly little 4-year-old granddaughter Vanessa can get into while I was tied up cooking and almost begged off.  I’d been having a stressful … Continue reading

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