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This is in response to People Dressing Up As Indians For Halloween by CherokeeWriter.  I’d commented on it: “I think imitation is the highest form of flattering. Parody is another matter entirely. I think it’s okay if applied to yourself, … Continue reading

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Aki Con 2013

Aki Con wasn’t so great this year.  Not enough to do to keep us busy the whole time and only one room for anime viewing.  One!  And they only played really violent ones and only in Japanese with subtitles.  *SIGH* … Continue reading

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Armed and dangerous

Figured I better write this down before I forget.  I was so busy today with customers hell bent on driving me crazy.  They almost succeeded too! “We need it back tomorrow morning!” “It’s in Rhode Island.  They just got it.” … Continue reading

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Draven the cuddly dragon

My mother didn’t believe me the other night at my brother’s Spaghetti Factory birthday party that I had a cuddly pet lizard now.  She said lizards don’t do cuddly.  She couldn’t even imagine it. Well she’s wrong.  Draven the bearded … Continue reading

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Cranberry Chili

My latest chilli experiment turned out good according to Jeb.  He can’t handle spicy hot, so I veered more toward sweet and he liked it.  It contained… 2 Lbs pre-browned stir-fire beef (rare) with juices 1 TBSP Johnny Seasoning 1 … Continue reading

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The Magic 8 Ball

A dream I had last night as an observer; not a participant…. The Dove shook the magic 8 ball and then turned the 8 downward as the tiny white text in the viewing window swam into view.  He stared at it a … Continue reading

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Morning thoughts and a dream

1.  In the news this morning, they talked about a large group of Christians being arrested in Iran for having sipped wine as part of that ceremony they do… “The Sacrament,” Jeb says it’s called.  You know, the bread and … Continue reading

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