Cranberry Chili

My latest chilli experiment turned out good according to Jeb.  He can’t handle spicy hot, so I veered more toward sweet and he liked it.  It contained…

2 Lbs pre-browned stir-fire beef (rare) with juices

1 TBSP Johnny Seasoning

1 Lbs pre-browned Jimmy Dean Sausage (Sage)

1 large chopped sweet onion

1 large chopped red bell pepper

1 large can of mild green encilada sauce

4 oz can of chopped mild green chilies

1 TBSP each tumeric, sage, cumin, & paprika

a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro

2 stalks chopped celery

1 small bag of fresh or frozen cranberries

1 cup sugar

24-oz canned chopped stewed tomatoes

1 small bag each white and black dry beans

1/4 cup minced garlic

1 packet dry ham broth (it came with the dry beans)

I slow cooked this for 18 to 24 hours.  A long time anyway and quite fragrant in the kitchen. 



About Ampbreia

I'm an ex-Pentacostal, ex-Muslim, ecclectic Agnostic with slightly Wiccan leanings. I am not affiliated with any organized religion or political platform, but I do believe in magic and all things wise and wonderful. I work as an admin in a calibration lab. I've published 2 books so far this year: Lost in Foreign Passions: Love and betrayal, passion and loss in the heart of an alien land (a memoir of my time as a Muslimah and living in Iran for a year), written under my previous married name, Debra Kamza, and Dream Lover (a paranormal romance, the tale of witch that summons her favorite character out of a Bewitched spin-off and the actor who plays him as well). I'm constantly writing stories and poems, thoughts and dreams, and quite a few opinions - many of which are not popular but oh well. Bite me. I'm interested in art, animals, the paranormal, and people. I love to dance, all sorts, but have been studying belly dance since 2006 and LOVE it! I love anime too and love dressing up and going to conventions. My writing runs the gummut of historical, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and erotica. Beware: I may not be safe reading for work. Just saying....
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13 Responses to Cranberry Chili

  1. erikamsteele says:

    Sounds really good.


  2. axiomatika says:

    sounds tasty. i wanna see a pic 😀

    and thanks for the recipe


  3. jr cline says:

    Sounds good. What is Johnny Seasoning?


  4. ampbreia says:

    Johny Season Salt. It’s something you would normally sprinkle steaks with before grilling or season chicken with before baking or frying. . I don’t know all its ingredients but I know it contains salt, paprika, garlic, and possibly some dried Italian herbs. It’s not that important to the recipe. Salt will suffice – but only 1/3 as much as suggested for the Johnny Seasoning.

    I’m really sensitive to salt. I use too much and my blood pressure spikes and my feet swell so I tend to go really light. I realize not everyone has that problem. My husband can practically eat it by the spoonful and have no problem… so really, it’s such a salt-to-taste/health type thing.


  5. Thanks for sharing this! I love chili in the Winter and love trying out a new kind!
    I love how cooking chili makes the house smell! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  6. neegee says:

    That looks like a really good recipe. 🙂 Copy and pasting that to my inbox!


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