Aki Con 2013

Aki Con wasn’t so great this year.  Not enough to do to keep us busy the whole time and only one room for anime viewing.  One!  And they only played really violent ones and only in Japanese with subtitles.  *SIGH*

But the costumes are always fun to see.  Here’s some pictures Jeb took there:






She made this dress herself!  Isn’t it gorgous?Image


This is me and my daughter Amy in the Cosplay Hall:Image

The shopping was pretty good and so were the pannels with Monica Rial and Johnny Yong Bosch.  They were both very cute and interesting.  Johnny told us a story of something he did that he still finds cringe-worthy:

He was driving home one day and got off his usual exit where he usually sees homeless men begging at the side of the road.  He tends to give whatever he can to those he comes across when he’s out walking, but rarely does so from his car since the potential dangers and distraction of that makes him uncomfortable.  This time there’s a woman there and Johnny, having been brought up a gentleman in an old fashioned Texas family, thinks that maybe he should make an exception in her case.  She’s delicate looking and he feels really sorry for her.

Meanwhile, he has a monster truck with tinted window towering over him from behind, rumbling menacingly, and he’s been nibbling baby carrots from a ziplock baggy on the other seat.  He’s worried about the monster truck because he figures if he doesn’t go quickly enough when the light changes to green it might just drive right over him and not even feel the bump.  But his cupholder is filled with the change he carries for parking meters in the city and he figures he can put that in the now empty carrot baggy and somehow give that to the homeless woman.  It weighs a hefty 2 pounds when full.

He’s holding up the bag of coins looking at it, when the woman suddenly spots it and correctly guesses his intent.  She drops her sign and cups her hands in front of her right where she is.

Johnny is panic stricken when he sees her do that at the same moment that the light changes to green and the monster truck immediately starts moving up on him.  He can’t believe it.  He doesn’t dare not drive, but she wants him throw her this 2 pound bag of coins from his moving vehicle instead of running up sensibly to grab it?  He can imagine all kinds of things going wrong with that but, she looks so desperate, he figures well if she thinks I can then I really should.

So he rolls down his window, car in motion, and throws her the bag and like in a slow motion nightmare watches it smack her right in the face, coins raining down in silver sunlit arcs, and he couldn’t do a thing about it.

He there were never again any beggers off that exit.

Johnny was a fun speaker, as Monica was, but after them Aki Con was pretty boring except for the costumes to be seen.  Here’s some of the pictures I took:

DSC00080 DSC00081 DSC00082 DSC00083 DSC00084 DSC00085 DSC00086 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090 DSC00091 DSC00092


We couldn’t find enough to keep ourselves busy for the 5 hours remaining until the masked ball that night, so we went home.  *SIGH*  I don’t think I want to do this again next year unless I see well in advance that there’s a really good schedule set up like they do for Sakura Con.  I should have known when Aki Con didn’t post an advance schedule that it was a bad omen of things to come.

Oh well.

We went to a party in Everett at a place called Kroakers that we’d heard about on Facebook.  They said there’d be good music, dancing, and costumes, so we dressed up for it.

It turned out to be a neighborhood bar.  Really small.  The “music” was pretty much rap crap.  The people seemed friendly enough but we felt so out of place!  We’re not even drinkers.  So we just went home after sitting there too long waiting for it to get interesting and went to bed.  We were pretty tired anyway.

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I'm an ex-Pentacostal, ex-Muslim, ecclectic Agnostic with slightly Wiccan leanings. I am not affiliated with any organized religion or political platform, but I do believe in magic and all things wise and wonderful. I work as an admin in a calibration lab. I've published 2 books so far this year: Lost in Foreign Passions: Love and betrayal, passion and loss in the heart of an alien land (a memoir of my time as a Muslimah and living in Iran for a year), written under my previous married name, Debra Kamza, and Dream Lover (a paranormal romance, the tale of witch that summons her favorite character out of a Bewitched spin-off and the actor who plays him as well). I'm constantly writing stories and poems, thoughts and dreams, and quite a few opinions - many of which are not popular but oh well. Bite me. I'm interested in art, animals, the paranormal, and people. I love to dance, all sorts, but have been studying belly dance since 2006 and LOVE it! I love anime too and love dressing up and going to conventions. My writing runs the gummut of historical, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and erotica. Beware: I may not be safe reading for work. Just saying....
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7 Responses to Aki Con 2013

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I need to do something like this.


  2. ampbreia says:

    Ah perhaps. Star Trek conventions are reputedly just as much fun I’ve heard. My daughter-in-law has been to a few and told me about them in glowing terms. I love Star Trek too, but have somehow never gotten around to going to one of the conventions. Maybe I should. George Takei and Shatner are two characters I’d love to meet in real life. They’re both such cards, George in particular. Have you seen his Facebook? He’s a real kick in the pants if ever there was one.


  3. Sorry it wasn’t so great this year.


  4. Sounds like it was a disappointment, but the pics are great !!!


  5. I love seeing the costumes!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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