Draven the cuddly dragon

My mother didn’t believe me the other night at my brother’s Spaghetti Factory birthday party that I had a cuddly pet lizard now.  She said lizards don’t do cuddly.  She couldn’t even imagine it.

Well she’s wrong.  Draven the bearded dragon does cuddly.  So Mom, if you’re looking, here’s Draven being cuddly…


Yes, I know I should wear makeup at all times so as not to frighten anyone. Meh.

 DSC00094 DSC00095

He actually had his head resting on me, going as flatly content as a lizard can go until Jeb strobed the camera at him and he raised his head to see what was going on.

Later, after I put him back, him clinging to my shirt to the last, he bit my finger, but I don’t hold it against him.  I was feeding him some strawberry and he got so excited over it that he snapped it from my finger and accidently snapped the finger before I even held the piece of strawberry out all the way.  Ow… but only for a moment.

Guess he has teeth of a sort after all.  Doesn’t look like he does when he opens his mouth but it turns out he has bony serrated ridges for chewing where other creatures would have normal teeth.  Good to know.  I don’t have to make complete baby food out of his fresh fruits and veggies like I assumed I did.

I can hardly wait to try dragon fruit on him.  Bet he’ll love that!

LOL.  I always have the double glass doors to his terrarium open when we’re sitting in the living room just so he can feel he’s a part of the family.  Sometimes he goes for a walk, but mostly he just sticks his head out to look at us or the television.  He stares jealously if I’m giving the cats attention instead of him.  The cats feel the same way about him so I have to make sure everyone gets their share.

About Ampbreia

I'm an ex-Pentacostal, ex-Muslim, ecclectic Agnostic with slightly Wiccan leanings. I am not affiliated with any organized religion or political platform, but I do believe in magic and all things wise and wonderful. I work as an admin in a calibration lab. I've published 2 books so far this year: Lost in Foreign Passions: Love and betrayal, passion and loss in the heart of an alien land (a memoir of my time as a Muslimah and living in Iran for a year), written under my previous married name, Debra Kamza, and Dream Lover (a paranormal romance, the tale of witch that summons her favorite character out of a Bewitched spin-off and the actor who plays him as well). I'm constantly writing stories and poems, thoughts and dreams, and quite a few opinions - many of which are not popular but oh well. Bite me. I'm interested in art, animals, the paranormal, and people. I love to dance, all sorts, but have been studying belly dance since 2006 and LOVE it! I love anime too and love dressing up and going to conventions. My writing runs the gummut of historical, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and erotica. Beware: I may not be safe reading for work. Just saying....
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3 Responses to Draven the cuddly dragon

  1. Dragon fruit! Yay! 😀
    Draven is so handsome! He looks like he’s enjoying his cuddle time with you!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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