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“Do Unto Others…”

…As you would have them do unto you.” It’s so beautifully simple. Not sure all animals would get it, certainly not predators if their survival needs outweighed it, but still… with survival needs met, you’d think that even the dimmest … Continue reading

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Stray thoughts and magic

I’m too busy for this with year-end closing all that, but my brain is not being cooperative this morning… not focussing.  There are too many musings fluttering around in my head like the wings of birds trapped in an attic, beating … Continue reading

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I did something crazy brave Last night

See this cute little kitty? This is Muffin.  I’ve been feeding her since she was a starving half-grown kitten that my previous cat, Mooshu, brought home one cold evening, offering her his own bowl to eat from.  She was and … Continue reading

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Blog of the year & holidaying too

I’ve left my pages open and peeked at them now and then, but lately, I’ve just been doing the holiday thing: Thanksgiving 1 at my sister’s house with my side of the family.  Thanksgiving 2 at Jeb’s mom’s house with … Continue reading

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