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My thoughts have gone a summering

Feeling tired and distracted lately, I’ve been enjoying creating wonderful places on my Sims 3 in the evenings as a retreat of sorts. This weekend past, I added the Paradise expansion pack and I’ve been fiddling delightedly around with it, trying … Continue reading

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Gothic high notes and random architectural beauties

The pictures can speak for themselves, collected from everywhere into here…  

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Was someone trying to shut me up?

Ha. Jeb is reading a Clive Cussler book I got him got him for Christmas called Mirage and told me about a historical event described in the first chapter.  Cussler typically begins his stories with semi-historical events.  Which is to say, they’re … Continue reading

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Things I’ve been learning about Sims

1.  They can just spin and change into whatever wherever they are no matter what they’re doing at the time.  They’ll even do it in front of others. 2.  Sometimes they just spin and nothing…and I mean NOTHING.  Which is … Continue reading

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Blue and green and mooned all over

Maybe they were early Seahawks fans… Like before there were Seahawks. What am I talking about?  Blue bloods perhaps.  Not sure.  But the idea is tickling at the back of my mind.  I’m so desperately sleepy headed today for no particularly … Continue reading

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Broadway Broad Day

1.  Gee that spelling looks foreign this morning. 2.  Ahem.  I wake up, right in the middle of a good dream because something keeps knocking at my brain.  Before I go insane, I hold my pillow to my head and … Continue reading

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Side Thoughts and Dreams

1. I spent 50 years of my life waiting to reach “My Time,” whatever that meant.  As the slow-feeling adventuring of youth faded and adult years began to speed by, I was certain I was getting closer.   February 2012 … Continue reading

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Religious behavior being exhibited by the non-religious with addends

There’s a blog I like to read but almost never comment on by a fellow apostate from religion in general that I find as endlessly fascinating as I do disturbing.  Yesterday, after having been too busy to read during the … Continue reading

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I said “No”

Just a repost from 1-23-11 because it’s fun and still makes me laugh, years after the fact.  I’d originally posted it on Xanga, but Xanga is kind of kaput now.  Oh yes, they do give assurances of archiving our blogs for us, … Continue reading

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New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  What did you do? I redecorated my aquarium and terrarium… (The dome in there to right is to protect some tropical seedlings I’m getting started in there). …and then Jeb and I went to the Seattle … Continue reading

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