Blue and green and mooned all over

Maybe they were early Seahawks fans… Like before there were Seahawks.

What am I talking about?  Blue bloods perhaps.  Not sure.  But the idea is tickling at the back of my mind.  I’m so desperately sleepy headed today for no particularly good reason, I’m half dreaming while awake.  And no, I’m not doing Chantix.  But this invasive idea whose source I can’t recall made me want to Google “Blue Bloods” this morning, only to find it the name of a tv series I’m not interested in.  Not what I had in mind.  More like the claims of nobility having blue blood.  It took a bit of digging but I found it.

I’m sure everyone has heard the conspiracy theory about all the royal families in the world being blood related, that they have some sort of humanoid reptilian in their common ancestor and that sort of credibility stretching idea.  I was half expecting to see it come up again, and it did, but not with huge conviction and following it evinced several years ago.  The theory has lost popularity I think.  It was mentioned only in passing by someone that described nobility as being more sheltered from the elements than were the rest of the population, resulting in their skins tending toward soft paleness and the blue of their veins showing through on the undersides of their wrists once considered a sign of their station.  Interesting idea.  Guess I’m a blue blood then, LOL.

Some more interesting entries came up though: things about blue human races; at least two of them, but possibly more: the Picts, the Ainu, the Tuareg, the El, and the “Moon Eyes.” 

The Picts were a diminutive people indigenous to the British Islands that either went extinct or were subsumed into the various invading populations by the 11th century AD.  Roman campaigners over there reported them as being blue and were apparently a little freaked out by it.  Julius Ceasar, though, just shrugged at that.  He said the Britons, including the Picts (or Pixies), all dyed themselves with the juice of a plant named woad in order to appear more fearsome in battle.  So blue, but not really – unless of course he made it up just to calm his militias down.

The Ainu I know less about.  They are native to Japan.  Like the Picts, they are a diminutive people and fairly primitive.  Unlike most Japanese, they lack the epicanthic fold above their eyes and these are sometimes blue.  Their skin tends toward almost luminescent whiteness.  It doesn’t look blue to me.

The Picts were a bluish race of pygmy native to the British Island who The Moon Eyes were a blue-skinned race who lived underground and came out only at night to tend their surface gardens because they were light-sensitive and could only abide moonlight. 

The Tuareg are native to the deserts of the Middle East and, being a matriarchal society, was slow to adopt Islam.  When they finally did, they did so in reverse gender-wise.  The men wear the veils and have the limitations; the women do not.  There is a slight bluish cast to their skin, but doesn’t look all that blue to me.

El is the singular for the Mesopotamian “gods” described as Elohim in the Old Testament of the Bible, otherwise known by the locals as “Those from whom the heavens came.”  They were supposedly both reptilian humanoid, light sensitive, and blue, creating slaves for themselves out of the native hominids by adding some of their own DNA into them and carefully programming them to obey – a program later set awry by one of the El that didn’t approve of slavery.  I found mention of their being blue on only a few websites but couldn’t find much support the allegation.

This is SOOOOOO disappointing.  Blue is SUCH a nice color.

The Moon Eyes story was less disappointing.  These last were so named by the Cherokee who claimed to have found their gardens when they first came to middle America across the land bridge.  They were puzzled at the sight of well-kept gardens with no apparent owners in sight.   The mystery was solved when they starting finding blue people keeping the gardens at night.  When communication was finally established with these strange people, the Cherokee learned that these Moon Eyes lived underground and came out only at night because moonlight was the strongest light they could bear.

Okay, this and the stories about the gods mentioned in ancient Hindu books, especially Vishnu and his reincarnation as Krishna (a Christ-like avatar).  The illustrations portraying them always show them as blue.  It may be a symbol for something.  Not sure, but it is a pleasing look:


Like all of the pictures I’ve seen of Vishnu and other Hindu gods, is that even blue they look pretty much like regular people.  What I find interesting about this particular picture is firstly that his form is actually very gender ambiguous.  Also, he’s standing on a lotus at the center of what appears to be the electron cloud of an atom.

Side note here: the first Egyptian god was said to have been born from out of a lotus blossom in the heart of the universe.  I just thing that’s an interest connection between two mostly very different cultures.  Regarding this, I found…

The lotus flower is symbolic in its night and day patterns. At night, the flower closes; at day it blossoms to the glory of the sun. Ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures consider this to be analogous to sun worship, thus creating varied creation myths. The sun god Ra is believed to have risen from the blue lotus at a time when only chaos (Nun) existed. So the Egyptians believe.

The lotus is also identified with Nefertem, a sun god of Heliopolis who was believed to spring up each morning from a lotus flower.

In Hinduism, the creation myth begins with the occurrence of the word Om, when the chaotic expanse of water brought forth a beautiful golden lotus. From Om originated the three forces of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Siva (destroyer). The Trinity, quite significantly, was seated on golden lotuses,” at

Beautiful philosophies aside, there are actually quite a few real blue people in the U.S. and not all of them are painted that way, the Fugate family of Kentucky, for instance.  Many of them are quite natural blue, though not as pretty a blue as Vishnu.

As to the green people you may have assumed I was getting around to by the title, no, I am not going to offer up little green Martians.  That is just sooooo Marvin the Martian Looney tunes. 


Martians are actually about our size, quite white, and red-haired. 😀

I’m sure everyone here has heard of the green children of Woolspit, right.  I’ll spare you and not reiterate it.  I’m too wordy anyway.  Looks like true history actually, but that’s beside the point.

The thing is, I’ve been seeing blue and green people all over the place lately and it’s weird, you know?  I mean, just LOOK at them…

SeahawkFan001 Hall of Fame Football SeahawkFan003 Portraits of Seattle Seahawks fans before their winning game against the Detroit Lions Sunday November 8, 2009 at Qwest Field in Seattle, WA. SeahawkFan005

They’re EVERYwhere!

Weird, right? 

Or is it just me?  The fact that I’m not that blue and green myself?  I mean, I’m not so sure my blue veins and blue veins can even compare to this.  I’m feeling a bit unblue about it all.  I’m not even wearing blue and green.  *SIGH*

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6 Responses to Blue and green and mooned all over

  1. jr cline says:

    There are a lot more blue and green people than I ever imagined.
    I like Hindu religious art and think it’s beautiful.


  2. nciteful says:

    Meandering, but not without some interest.


  3. Ha! I know some blue and green people!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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