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The Path of Dreams

What are dreams?  What do you think they are? Some say they’re a bit of undigested dinner as Scrooge assumed in the Dickens’ story, Christmas Carol.  Some say they’re thoughts of the day being sorted out and digested.  I’m sure … Continue reading

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Dreams and random thoughts

1.  Actually, I’m not that random.  I just give people that impression sometimes  – okay, maybe a lot – because I have a gift for extrapolation and will often take such broad leaps to get there that it can be confusing … Continue reading

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The Sons of the Sun

I found myself on the bank of the river Styx again, unable, as usual, to remember whether I was on the side of the living or the dead, not even certain that there were opposite sides in that regard.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Child marriage lie and truth

Earlier, I shared this picture from a mass Muslim marriage purported to be of preadolescent brides.  Then I looked it up on Snopes and found out that the picture was being misrepresented.  It was a picture from a mass Muslim marriage, … Continue reading

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Problem Solving, Belligerance, and Cutes

…but not necessarily in that order. My dragons kept fouling their large dish of water because they love bathing in it but full-body immersion always makes them poop and then (no blame on them) they don’t care to drink it.  … Continue reading

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Shimmering beauty

None can deny her shimmering beauty, languid sensuality reaching out invitingly, the allure of her fragrance, the sweetness of her whispers and sighs, the gentle way she rocks you in her arms on one day and thrashes you in torrents … Continue reading

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Rambulations and Dreams

1. Can’t get to Facebook, the Sims 3 forum, or my own email today.  It’s very sad. 2.  A Muslim man, an immigrant here from Iran, who’s acquaintance I’d made and who was disappointed in my being married for some reason, once … Continue reading

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Snippets of dreams

I’ve had trouble remembering my dreams in any great depth lately but here’s what little I can recall from the weekend past.  I lay in bed a long time each morning to try and keep the memories, but they were … Continue reading

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Painting the white space

Edit: I added pictures. I’m painting again.  This time it’s a picture of a Chinese junk sailing past the Sheraton Xuzhou hotel based on this photo: It’s strange to watch it slowly taking the correct form in front of me.  It … Continue reading

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