The Path of Dreams

What are dreams? 

What do you think they are?

Some say they’re a bit of undigested dinner as Scrooge assumed in the Dickens’ story, Christmas Carol. 

Some say they’re thoughts of the day being sorted out and digested.  I’m sure there’s some truth to this.  I know that if I’ve been looking for something lost or puzzling over something during the day, I will often think of its location or make sense of the puzzle while I’m dreaming at night.  In short, I’ve put the puzzle pieces together now that I’m relaxed enough to let them fall naturally into place.

There’s another dream theory I’ve heard that was something to the effect of the brain making meaning out of nothing more static energy floating around in our sleeping heads; like finding shapes and pictures in the random patterns of clouds, wood worls, tiles, sand, or leaves, etc.  Sounds kind of like my Mandela patterns that I see for a while when I go from a light place to a dark one.  But those have never felt the same to me as regular dreams do.  They are never as well-defined and totally real-life-like vivid as the sights, sounds, smells, colors, and feelings that I associate with dreaming. Also, I’m not asleep when I see the Mandela codes.

Of there are other altered states one can be in as well without actually sleeping or dreaming.

Some say that dreams are the illusions our hyperactive minds entertain us with when we’re not doing anything else. 

Some say they’re visions which, by the way, is a very ancient and popular theory.  It’s also a popular literary device so the idea has some often subliminal support structures behind it.  Subliminals aside, people who could recall and effectively relay their own dreams or explain those of others were once known as prophets or oracles, like Joseph, or the Oracle at Delphi, or prophet Muhammad.  In some places they still are.  I think there’s some truth to this one as well but that it’s not as Whole as truth as usually presented.

Side note here in relation to dreams but not necessarily the same thing, I have a few times experienced waking out-of-body experiences.

The first time I can rightly recall was when I was still in Iran, feeling very hopelessly trapped, and sobbing quietly while looking up at the window on the wall behind and above my head.  It let in a shaft of moonlight through the opening over the service courtyard below, though the walls of the courtyard extending up high enough that I couldn’t see the moon itself, much less the sky.  I wanted so badly to see the full moon and open sky and get the hell out of that hell hole, that I somehow became the desire itself. 

Suddenly, I was floating up and out the closed window.  It was neither open nor solid.  I felt a tiny cold prickle of energy as I went through it.  Nothing more than that.  Then I could see the walls slipping down past me as the courtyard below, now visible, shrank while the sky widened, the night breeze cool but pleasant as it blew not against me but through me.  I saw all around me in 360 degrees at once. 

I saw and heard the stray tom cats that were fighting on the roof over some paw-licking, bored-looking white female.  I saw the city streets glowing orange in the street lights.  All this grew more distant beneath me until saw the whole city, saw every building and street; saw it blur a solid, a mere speck of light on the black desert vastness like just another star in space. 

I wanted to fly free, but a fear held me tethered:  I couldn’t leave my baby son; not without a fight, and knew I couldn’t take him this way.  This journey was meant to be taken alone.  So I fell and gave fight, beginning with the of my outflung arm upon Reza’s sleeping noggin, waking him with a start and cry of pain. Trust me, he deserved that and more.

He growled at me, took up his mat, and went to sleep in the hall.

I’ve floated above my body on a few rare occasions afterwords.  These were either under the the effect of laughing gas at the dentist or right between wakefulness and sleep just before I really fell asleep or even closed my eyes.  Always, this was preceded by a tingling sensation in my head and then entire body.  I don’t remember being all tingly the first time, but since I was crying at that time, its unlikely I’d have noticed.  You kind of feel like that anyway when you’ve been crying so long and hard, audibly or not, that you’ve barely got any tears left.  You’re just kind of gasping and fuzzy about the brain.  You know? 

Anyway, each time I floated up, I got all excited about it, then touched the ceiling and shied away from going through it.  The thought of going through insulation freaked me out.  Glass?  No problem.  Insulation and wooden rafters full of dust and who knew what else, EWWWW.  So I always fell right back down into my body again without going any further.

Then one morning, having car-pooled to work with Jeb and getting there 2 hours before my shift, Jeb left me to nap in the car under a pile of blankets with the seat all the way back, when it happened again, but very differently this time. 

I’d been sleeping soundly when I woke to the sound of other employees driving in and their voices as they walked together past my car chatting.  I raised my head for a little peep at them, afraid they might notice me sleeping here.  But they didn’t notice me at all.  Honestly, they’d have had to put their noses up to my window to see me through the tinted glass so my worries were pretty unfounded.  I saw by the dash clock that I still had an hour to sleep.

Realizing all of this, I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep but it wasn’t so easy now that the sun had risen.  I closed my eyes but was still totally aware of everything going around outside the car the sun showing red through my eyelids.  My eyes kept opening and I was starting to think I may as well just get up and go have breakfast when a tingle started in my head and expanded all the way through my body.  It was like that feeling you get when a tiny kitten purrs in your ear.  There’s a word for this in Farci, “noz-nozi,” but I know of no equivalent in English. 

I recognized the feeling as the one that had preceded my previous aborted OBEs and immediately stopped squirming about.  I opened my eyes and looked out the window as a test to see if that would diminish it, but it didn’t fade in the slightest.

I closed my eyes again.  The feeling kept on, as did my awareness of cars driving in and people walking and talking and the sun shining through the windshield.  Above all that, I could hear the wind soughing through the trees.  As I noticed this additional awareness, I suddenly realized that I was looking directly at those tree-tops, the birds darting through them, and the white clouds rushing abnormally fast past them against a beautiful blue sky.  That was odd!

I opened my eyes again, sat up, and looked around.  From my position, I couldn’t see the treetops or the clouds; only the tree trunks.  I had to lean all the way into the windshield to get even the tiniest glimpse of the them.  I couldn’t see them entirely until I unrolled the window and, having glanced furtively around to make sure the coast was clear, stuck my whole upper body out the window.  Even then, it was a view of the treetops from the ground looking up.  Yet I could see from here that I’d really seen what I’d seen, only with my eyes open, the clouds were moving much more slowly.

Very odd.  But I shrugged it off, lay back down, and closed my eyes again.  And again I could see the treetops and high-speed clouds right through my closed eyes.  I kept opening and shutting my eyes to test this, only to realize I was indeed seeing through my closed eyes, but from an entirely different perspective from where I lay.  It took a while to just accept this and go with the flow instead of endlessly experimenting with it.

Eventually I floated well above my body, not in part but completely and could see the car below me, the fluttering tree leaves and birds, and the clouds zooming past as well hyper-speedy cars and people moving about.  It was a beautiful spring day and the mist in the valley was laying like a gauzy golden veil over the river and green farm lands below our work campus.  I could see the roads all around, the highway going both directions beyond, and all of our work campus as well except for that hidden by the forest canopy.  It was the most exhilarating awareness of anything I ever felt!  At this distance, there is no ugliness in the world at all.  NONE. It’s just the most magnificent sparkling jewel you’ve ever seen. 

After an astonished ecstatic moment, I thought, ‘Well as long as I’m here, I may as well get out and explore.  I wonder if I could go and see another world while I’m at it?’

It was a totally idle thought, but as soon as I had it, I was shooting up through the atmosphere and kaleidoscope of passing stars and nebulae in deepest space.  And then there was this huge cloudy blue green planet shooting toward me, or me toward it, until I felt like less than a speck of dust against its tremendous bulk.  But that didn’t stop it from getting closer.  Suddenly I was falling into it through oceans of brightly glowing clouds or gasses, layers and layers of them.

My travel slowed to gentle floating again above what appeared to be golden wheat fields growing on rolling hills and plains on a land mass surrounded by a sparkling clear sea.  As I floated closer, this did indeed look to be a correct assessment and then some.  The rolling hills were really rolling like the waves of a tranquil but nonetheless lively sea.  The sea waves were transmitting right through the land mass with barely so much as the tiniest hiccup.  Yet what appeared to be people, sheep, and dogs were walking about it between widely spaced rustic cottages as though it were perfectly natural for the land to move like that all the time.

at what I estimate was about 20 feet above the ground, I started following a large black dog that was wandering off alone toward the sea.  We he got there, I watched awhile as he waded into the water to catch the fish leaping there, much the way bears catch fish in rivers.  He’d catch one in his jaws, bite down, and then toss it well ashore in a pile before catching another.  I wondered who he was catching them for or, if for himself, how he was going to haul his booty home.  But I got no answer to that, instead being tugged away myself, back up through the oceans of clouds/gas, the nebulae and stars, back through our own atmosphere, and down through the roof of my car.  It was exactly time to get up.

In my opinion, dreams are soul journeys too, the only difference being that they happen during physical slumber.  I’ve read numerous accounts of people speaking from the Other Side or visiting there and it seems to be the case that travels is instigated on that level by simply thinking of the time or place one wishes to go.  There really is no difference between time or place and the journey there is as instantaneous as the thought of going there.  On several occasions, I’ve come across accounts of someone recently passed on that this mode of travel can be very difficult and somewhat dizzying to get used to and that it was a serious effort not to travel to every place one could think of at once.

We don’t have that problem here in the physical.  We’re focussed here in our waking hours and have categorized our experiences into an artificial chronological order that has no real bearing the spiritual realms.  In the physical, we perceive one moment and datum at a time so we make individual sense of all the details.  Hence, it takes TIME to do anything and a mode of physical transport to get anywhere.

I think the reason that dreams often feel so nonsensical or out of synch with regular time is because they are journeys in other realities, parallel or not.  We can’t expect them to follow all the rules of this one.

I think they can be visionary in the prophetic sense too.  I think of the entire cosmos as a living entity, its communications creation itself, poetry, and synchronicity. Soul journeys or dreams are just a particularly great way to access the broader communications available because they take place outside of the limitations of time and space as we know them.  Thus, we can see just a little further down the paths of destiny, the better to extrapolate going trends. 

Are dreams just the thoughts of the day being sorted out and rearranged?  Maybe.  But what I think really happens is that said thoughts of the day are what triggers a journey.  Focus in on a thought and you go to the place, time, or circumstance it points to.  Your super conciousness is like the computer system in an automated travel system.  You plug in the coordinates, it translates them into a destination, and off you go.

And that’s all I’ve to say about it for now.


About Ampbreia

I'm an ex-Pentacostal, ex-Muslim, ecclectic Agnostic with slightly Wiccan leanings. I am not affiliated with any organized religion or political platform, but I do believe in magic and all things wise and wonderful. I work as an admin in a calibration lab. I've published 2 books so far this year: Lost in Foreign Passions: Love and betrayal, passion and loss in the heart of an alien land (a memoir of my time as a Muslimah and living in Iran for a year), written under my previous married name, Debra Kamza, and Dream Lover (a paranormal romance, the tale of witch that summons her favorite character out of a Bewitched spin-off and the actor who plays him as well). I'm constantly writing stories and poems, thoughts and dreams, and quite a few opinions - many of which are not popular but oh well. Bite me. I'm interested in art, animals, the paranormal, and people. I love to dance, all sorts, but have been studying belly dance since 2006 and LOVE it! I love anime too and love dressing up and going to conventions. My writing runs the gummut of historical, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and erotica. Beware: I may not be safe reading for work. Just saying....
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