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You say potate-o, I say potat-o… For the past few days, I’ve watched an argument between atheists and Christians as to how the universe was created and have been amused at how close their explanations come to one another whether they call it Chance, … Continue reading

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Cool things to see and do on the west coast

WASHINGTON Vancouver: Kumoricon[visit site] August 29 – September 1, 2014 Hilton Vancouver Washington / Red Lion Vancouver at the Quay 45.625318-122.674397 Vancouver, WA98660   Information: Welcome to the new, improved, and lengthened Kumoricon! Now at four whole days, you finally have the … Continue reading

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Maya, Illusion, Our world is made of Beliefs overlapping realities, Petals overlapping petals, Reality itself enclosed beyond perception, Hidden by the petals folding over it, Scant glimpses of its light like diadems, Glistening on each petals From every star in … Continue reading

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Where Sharia Comes From

A friend of mine, commenting on my last blog, made the comment that Sharia was perversion of Islam.  I know his intentions are kind ones, that’s he’s trying to give Islam/Muslims the benefit of the doubt when they insist that Islam … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

1.  Who in their right mind would want Sharia Law in their country?  Crazy people who like to control and abuse other people, that’s who.  They are Kill Joys in extremis.  Seriously they are.  Look, they even arrest people for trying to … Continue reading

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Tree in the Desert

I saw a tree in the desert, It fed on the light of the ether and drank deep of the earth’s  subterranean waters. To rare travellers it offered shade and succor. Around it the golden sands shimmered, Mirages of Paradise in … Continue reading

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Why female “Reverts” Leave Islam

Ha.  Maybe first I should explain what I mean by “Reverts.”  Anyone whose never been Muslim would just call them converts to Islam.  The reason Muslims call them “Reverts” is out of the belief that everyone is born Muslim quite … Continue reading

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Wiggle space

This dream might have had something to do with the man in the news recently who’d been using little kids to steal unattended purses in a local Chuck E. Cheeses…. I dreamed that I was 6 or 7 again, small … Continue reading

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