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Nebulous these seeds, We clutched them in our hands, Soft specks of down as much as pristine specks of life. Consciousness condensed into light, Then down to solid form, Like diamonds afloat in ethereal space. Time, the illusion, the matrix … Continue reading

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Soul Musings

1.  Sometimes in the night, when I lay there restless, awake, and thinking for a long time, unable to shut down the pesky muse (who bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell), Jeb will sense it no matter how quiet I am.  … Continue reading

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Tracks in the wood

A picture from … …tugged my memory of a long time ago when my grandparents lived on an old farm in Machias Washington. I say old, because they weren’t the first there. The original farmhouse had long since decayed … Continue reading

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Poor Islam is so misunderstood…

I have to repost this and maybe a few others.  I keep seeing Muslims calling for the genocide and/or abuse of non-Muslims and then, when I point out their religion is every bit as violent and savage and mafia-like as … Continue reading

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The Jigsaw game

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle but none of them have an overview.  I suspect this is part of the assimulation program; someone thinking we’re not quite ready yet but wanting us to be sometime soon. Me, I just gather … Continue reading

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