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A War Between Good and Evil

Whether Obama admits it or not, we are at war extremist Islam, Islam the way Mohammad himself practiced it; Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL practice it. It is a war of ideologies; … Continue reading

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Mom’s new baby

My mother called me to say she had a new baby… and why shouldn’t she?  She’s in her 70s.  It’s not too late to have another baby, right? I was grinning as she told me.  She was so in love … Continue reading

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The Snohomish Garden Show Tour

I was late putting this up.  I went to this with my mother and sister on July 27th or thereabouts and took lots of pictures and I’ve waited until now to bother showing them off.  Shocking, I know.  I took … Continue reading

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On Being a Hater

I stand accused of being a hater and a harpy because I hate certain crimes committed by certain people. Okay fine. Allow me to list them: I hate the people that chant “Death to America!” in big rallies where they burn … Continue reading

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Lake of Fire

  Dark waters will engulf Islam, Dar Islam will become a lake of fire, Boiling and burning their shrivelled souls, Karmic recompense for countless mass murders, the heads of innocents they’ve taken, Their inhumane practices and barbaric cruelties, All the … Continue reading

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