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Anime Cats and Sims

I was a bit dismayed at feeling I didn’t have a good costume for Sakura Con coming up, so Jeb said he’d get me one. All I had to do was find it. Well I found some but let him … Continue reading

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Broadway Broad Day

1.  Gee that spelling looks foreign this morning. 2.  Ahem.  I wake up, right in the middle of a good dream because something keeps knocking at my brain.  Before I go insane, I hold my pillow to my head and … Continue reading

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Aki Con 2013

Aki Con wasn’t so great this year.  Not enough to do to keep us busy the whole time and only one room for anime viewing.  One!  And they only played really violent ones and only in Japanese with subtitles.  *SIGH* … Continue reading

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Morning thoughts and a dream

1.  In the news this morning, they talked about a large group of Christians being arrested in Iran for having sipped wine as part of that ceremony they do… “The Sacrament,” Jeb says it’s called.  You know, the bread and … Continue reading

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Random Morning Thoughts

1.  My friend and fellow belly dancer didn’t make it to our first class of the season last night because half her face is frozen in Bell’s Palsy for some unknown reason.  Worried about her!  What a terrible thing to … Continue reading

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Plotting and Planning

Last night, half way home from work, on the freeway, Jeb suddenly said, “Uh-oh.” That’s never a good sign. The dashboard was dinging and informing us that we were nearly out of coolant and had better stop soon. Yikes. We had … Continue reading

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Okay, it’s time…

I’ve been keeping my website, Ampbreia Reloaded, open for too long to such little purpose.  I started it way back when someone said I’d have to have my own website to post details of my book(s) on when I got … Continue reading

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