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Dealing with Islamists

In view of the fact that are governing elitists seem hell bent on destroying their own nations with a flood of savage Muslim immigrants, there is talk going on among Europeans of protesting this by simply boycotting Muslim businesses. This is an … Continue reading

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Was someone trying to shut me up?

Ha. Jeb is reading a Clive Cussler book I got him got him for Christmas called Mirage and told me about a historical event described in the first chapter.  Cussler typically begins his stories with semi-historical events.  Which is to say, they’re … Continue reading

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Stray thoughts and magic

I’m too busy for this with year-end closing all that, but my brain is not being cooperative this morning… not focussing.  There are too many musings fluttering around in my head like the wings of birds trapped in an attic, beating … Continue reading

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Featured Author: Debra Kamza/ Ampbreia Weiss

My friend, fellow memoir writer, and survivor of Iran, Lori Foroozandeh, interviewed me about my two books on her blog, named after her book, Lori’s Song.  Check it out.  And please check out her story as well. Featured Author: Debra … Continue reading

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Ah the little ironies

1.  I finally earned my first royalties on the two books I published on Amazon in February, which is really encouraging!   This was on the Kindle version of each.    It amounts to only $17.53, which may not sound like … Continue reading

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A Light in the Desert

All day was spent in driving it seemed.   We followed the serpentine curves of the Mount Loop Highway, the steep climb and precipitous crossing over Stevens pass along the wide road curving down, still snowy in places. My brother Kevin and I lay gently … Continue reading

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Morning thoughts on religion and stuff…

1. Chatting with an African Pentecostal Christian online who right away introduced himself as such, I suspected his next bit would be to ask me if I were “saved,” since such introductions are usually followed by evangelists attempts.  But not … Continue reading

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