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Building Split levels in Sims 3

I have Sims 4 and there are some pretty neat aspects to it, but I still don’t have as much creative liberties in it as in Sims 3.  So yeah, I’m back to playing Sims 3 and learning new tricks … Continue reading

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Oh for the Painted Ladies

There’s something special about San Francisco row houses, also known as “Painted Ladies.”  They’re colorful, artsy, full of intricate architectural frills, graceful, stately, cozy, elegant…. They’re vestiges of another time keeping up with the present just fine, thank you very much.  … Continue reading

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Nebulous these seeds, We clutched them in our hands, Soft specks of down as much as pristine specks of life. Consciousness condensed into light, Then down to solid form, Like diamonds afloat in ethereal space. Time, the illusion, the matrix … Continue reading

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Transcendent Realms

I do not believe in Heaven or Hell because the concept of a petty god that would infinitely reward or punish for mere finite doings strikes me as ridiculous.  When I see people who believe this stuff discussing the nuances … Continue reading

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You say potate-o, I say potat-o… For the past few days, I’ve watched an argument between atheists and Christians as to how the universe was created and have been amused at how close their explanations come to one another whether they call it Chance, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

1.  Who in their right mind would want Sharia Law in their country?  Crazy people who like to control and abuse other people, that’s who.  They are Kill Joys in extremis.  Seriously they are.  Look, they even arrest people for trying to … Continue reading

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Stray Thoughts and a Better World

1.  Seeing this pond idea someone developed into reality like pure magic, I thought first, ‘Huh.  I could do that by the side of my house where I have the garden I can’t manage to keep up with now.  It … Continue reading

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If you LOVED me you’d let me aSIMulate you…

Seriously, being a new Sims fan like I am and not having many friends outside of work, I was thinking I’d like to make Sim versions (looks, character traits, wishes, & star signs) of the people I know online, many … Continue reading

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Painting the white space

Edit: I added pictures. I’m painting again.  This time it’s a picture of a Chinese junk sailing past the Sheraton Xuzhou hotel based on this photo: It’s strange to watch it slowly taking the correct form in front of me.  It … Continue reading

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Gothic high notes and random architectural beauties

The pictures can speak for themselves, collected from everywhere into here…  

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