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Thoughts & Dreams

1. “They are treating this as a criminal act, not a terrorist-related incident.” — From an article I read this morning about a gun-man in the White house. WTF? There’s a difference? Maybe that distinction in terms is one of the … Continue reading

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From a row of preserved heads

I woke from a dream about heads.  Not the grisly trophies of primitive Maori tribesmen or vulgarly savage Islamists, but rather the cryogenically preserved heads of creative geniuses surgically removed at the time of their natural deaths. I was in … Continue reading

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The Doctor is In

We drove down a busy highway eclosed in a glowing silver fog, thick as pea soup. Jeb was my Doctor Who and I was his companion of the moment. Did that make his old brown Buick a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension … Continue reading

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Dream Class Notes / Information Out of Context

1.  Jesus/Yeshua was quite real, though his crucifixion was not.  It was something his Jewish followers considered necessary to validating some previous prophecy since the culture of the time demanded blood sacrifices for the placating of gods and expiation of … Continue reading

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