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Transcendent Realms

I do not believe in Heaven or Hell because the concept of a petty god that would infinitely reward or punish for mere finite doings strikes me as ridiculous.  When I see people who believe this stuff discussing the nuances … Continue reading

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You say potate-o, I say potat-o… For the past few days, I’ve watched an argument between atheists and Christians as to how the universe was created and have been amused at how close their explanations come to one another whether they call it Chance, … Continue reading

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I watch the sun rise in gold and pink splendor, shooting down the valley filled with the mist rising from the river there, looking from my plateau for the moment like an inland sea. By noon, the mists are gone … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears

In her stopping she moans at the strain, Bucking frantically at the rages of storms, The clash of fire and ice, As mantle separates from core And so many cower for dearth and life. Then stillness reigns, In countless minds … Continue reading

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I have a sinking feeling about this…

On any given morning, the news that comes up in my live feed generally has a noticeable element to it, as though it were just one reporter reporting it all and it’s based only on what he/she is obsessed with at the … Continue reading

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