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Back Into Time – 1

Stale cigaretts, ashes, and fast food wrapers. That was what I noticed most about his car as the clean bright snow-capped mountains, trees, and fields swept past. His face was worn, his hair gone grey, yet I remembered as we … Continue reading

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Adventuring in Mist

I was a kid again but in some other life it seemed because I had a little brother much closer to me in age than my real brother Kevin.  My dream brother’s name was Toby.  We’d grown bored with our … Continue reading

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Was someone trying to shut me up?

Ha. Jeb is reading a Clive Cussler book I got him got him for Christmas called Mirage and told me about a historical event described in the first chapter.  Cussler typically begins his stories with semi-historical events.  Which is to say, they’re … Continue reading

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Religious behavior being exhibited by the non-religious with addends

There’s a blog I like to read but almost never comment on by a fellow apostate from religion in general that I find as endlessly fascinating as I do disturbing.  Yesterday, after having been too busy to read during the … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears

In her stopping she moans at the strain, Bucking frantically at the rages of storms, The clash of fire and ice, As mantle separates from core And so many cower for dearth and life. Then stillness reigns, In countless minds … Continue reading

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The Magic 8 Ball

A dream I had last night as an observer; not a participant…. The Dove shook the magic 8 ball and then turned the 8 downward as the tiny white text in the viewing window swam into view.  He stared at it a … Continue reading

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I remember when in grade school, View Ridge Elementary, we used to chase each other, hide and seek, through the fog that clung to the wide open playing fields. The soft cloudy depths of it roiled around us, padding our … Continue reading

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Dying in Space

Tatters of a dream last night… On a ship with family and many strangers, fellow evacuees.  The stars are bright through every port like daylight.  So odd the heavens are black amid them.  All those suns, you’d think, should make … Continue reading

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Dream Lover

Maisy is what you might call an “old maid.”  Orphaned as a teenager, she has lived alone but for her pets in her cottage by the sea all her life.  She has friends in the little town of See Breeze but has … Continue reading

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Through Your Eyes – 1

The cicadas stopped their high-pitched singing mid-note.  A rustling in the shrubbery outside, the dog growling and barking at something outside, drew Beth cautiously to the window.  By moonlight, she saw a shadow dart across the yard to the barn. “There’s … Continue reading

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