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Sims 3 tricks and stuff n’ such

1.  Being a mere yearling in Sims 3, I’m still learning a lot and very proud of everything I learn despite knowing that more veteran players (there, Amy, I said it) probably already know this stuff.  So here’s what I’ve … Continue reading

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New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  What did you do? I redecorated my aquarium and terrarium… (The dome in there to right is to protect some tropical seedlings I’m getting started in there). …and then Jeb and I went to the Seattle … Continue reading

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“Do Unto Others…”

…As you would have them do unto you.” It’s so beautifully simple. Not sure all animals would get it, certainly not predators if their survival needs outweighed it, but still… with survival needs met, you’d think that even the dimmest … Continue reading

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The women on Tank Hill

My Iranian ex-husband Reza was refusing me any news about my baby son offering the lure that maybe if he could see any evidence that I was being a good Muslimah on my own, he might tell me something… maybe … Continue reading

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Armed and dangerous

Figured I better write this down before I forget.  I was so busy today with customers hell bent on driving me crazy.  They almost succeeded too! “We need it back tomorrow morning!” “It’s in Rhode Island.  They just got it.” … Continue reading

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War isn’t natural

My grand uncles, Wallington and Earl, were in their teens and riding in the back seat when they were in a car accident involving a logging truck near Iron Mountain, MI, in 1943.  Before their eyes, their parents were thrown through … Continue reading

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Guy stuff cracks me up

I got these pictures through a chain email at work and I loves em!  Thought you might too.  At the very least these are some excellent gift ideas for the guy in your life: that perfect mix of high-tech redneck primitive … Continue reading

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Sleepy thoughts and Fettuccini Alfredo with Sausage and Shrimp

1.  Frustrated.  Buyer bugs me rather frantically yesterday to receive in some invoices and I do all I can.  That includes all that have a working PO.  After spending an hour looking up all the individual items, I find that I … Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Packing Heat

Crazy people can get gun licenses.  Senior citizens too.  Does it worry you? I found this old newspaper clipping I saved from an email forward I don’t know how long ago and there’s no date showing on it.  It gave … Continue reading

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Non-specific Alarm and Random Thoughts

1.  Once when my kids were still small, Jeb’s son even smaller, and Jeb still just living with me, I walked into the bedroom and saw Jeb’s gun lying on a towel on the bed where he’d left it meaning to … Continue reading

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