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I said “No”

Just a repost from 1-23-11 because it’s fun and still makes me laugh, years after the fact.  I’d originally posted it on Xanga, but Xanga is kind of kaput now.  Oh yes, they do give assurances of archiving our blogs for us, … Continue reading

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Religious Defenses

The religious evolutionist, an uneasy combination:  “Of course the earth couldn’t have been created in 7 of our days.  A day for God must be much longer.” Okay, why not?  There is evidence that our year wasn’t always the same … Continue reading

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The women on Tank Hill

My Iranian ex-husband Reza was refusing me any news about my baby son offering the lure that maybe if he could see any evidence that I was being a good Muslimah on my own, he might tell me something… maybe … Continue reading

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Armed and dangerous

Figured I better write this down before I forget.  I was so busy today with customers hell bent on driving me crazy.  They almost succeeded too! “We need it back tomorrow morning!” “It’s in Rhode Island.  They just got it.” … Continue reading

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Churning thoughts, KISS theory, and smiles

I’m having trouble staying focussed today so I’m venting out my churning thoughts… 1. I am always inordinately upset when someone I thought I knew turns out to be someone else entirely. If I loved them before, I’m not likely to … Continue reading

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Guy stuff cracks me up

I got these pictures through a chain email at work and I loves em!  Thought you might too.  At the very least these are some excellent gift ideas for the guy in your life: that perfect mix of high-tech redneck primitive … Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Packing Heat

Crazy people can get gun licenses.  Senior citizens too.  Does it worry you? I found this old newspaper clipping I saved from an email forward I don’t know how long ago and there’s no date showing on it.  It gave … Continue reading

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