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Holidays, flash mobs, and belief

1. I love Flash Mobs. Such sweet, joyful, surprises they bring unsuspecting passerby all over the place. Well, in the west at least. I wonder if they ever perform in the near east? 2. Sharia has so many laws against basic … Continue reading

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Some West Coast Road Songs

All of Me – John Legend, Lindsey Stirling All She Wants to Do is Dance – Don Henley A Moment – Bitter:Sweet American Pie – Don McLean Anything Can Happen – Ellie Goulding A Rose in the Wind – Anggun … Continue reading

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New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  What did you do? I redecorated my aquarium and terrarium… (The dome in there to right is to protect some tropical seedlings I’m getting started in there). …and then Jeb and I went to the Seattle … Continue reading

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Morning rambles

1.  The kitty brigade, Phoebe and Cole, who were totally aloof to me the night before last, wanted to help me sew last night.  And by “help” I mean playing tag in the huge hoop skirted ball gown I was trying to … Continue reading

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Being opinionated

It is my opinion… 1. That any nation or group that purposefully keeps having children beyond the extent of their available resources is going to earn a Darwin award for themselves and their offspring and that anyone who encourages this … Continue reading

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Snippets of Song

My muse has been shaking the bars of her monkey cage all morning.  My brain was too foggy to deal with that noise.  And then she tickled me with an idea, a treasure hunt in words, a game of sorts.  … Continue reading

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Random Morning Thoughts

1.  My friend and fellow belly dancer didn’t make it to our first class of the season last night because half her face is frozen in Bell’s Palsy for some unknown reason.  Worried about her!  What a terrible thing to … Continue reading

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Good morning!

1. The first news article I read this morning made me a little misty-eyed: Single Mom Caught Shoplifting Gets Touching Surprise From Cops I remember what it was like being a single mom getting very little help from my kid’s … Continue reading

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Life and Death and the Spaces In Between

Death at the door… “Somebody’s knocking should I let him in Lord it’s the devil would you look at him I’ve heard about him but I never dreamed He’d have blue eyes and blue jeans…” – from Somebody’s Knocking by … Continue reading

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Freedom and the High Cost of Convictions: synopsis of Lost in Foreign Passions

In my experience, beliefs can be dangerous things. Whether they are political, religious, or romantic, they share one thing in common: they require one to ignore all information that is contrary to them. Case in point is how Iranian women fought themselves … Continue reading

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