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Religious Morality and the Rampages of Muslim Men! While I find this article interesting and agree with many of its points, I don’t agree with its basic premise: ‘“The John Adams Center explains, “Because the American republic is a free republic, therefore, it was designed for a … Continue reading

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Changing course mid-stream

Thoughts for day… 1. When I first heard the concept of reality stream jumping at a conference in February 2012, I didn’t really understand it. The All-Time concept was a bit sketchy as well. I mean, I knew the theories … Continue reading

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Afterlife Thoughts

Many religious people believe that God judges them in the afterlife and assigns them either Heaven or Hell for the rest of their eternity.  Many are of the opinion that it is not so correct action, but correct belief that gets … Continue reading

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The Snohomish Garden Show Tour

I was late putting this up.  I went to this with my mother and sister on July 27th or thereabouts and took lots of pictures and I’ve waited until now to bother showing them off.  Shocking, I know.  I took … Continue reading

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Adventuring in Mist

I was a kid again but in some other life it seemed because I had a little brother much closer to me in age than my real brother Kevin.  My dream brother’s name was Toby.  We’d grown bored with our … Continue reading

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You say potate-o, I say potat-o… For the past few days, I’ve watched an argument between atheists and Christians as to how the universe was created and have been amused at how close their explanations come to one another whether they call it Chance, … Continue reading

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Why female “Reverts” Leave Islam

Ha.  Maybe first I should explain what I mean by “Reverts.”  Anyone whose never been Muslim would just call them converts to Islam.  The reason Muslims call them “Reverts” is out of the belief that everyone is born Muslim quite … Continue reading

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