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The Man Behind the Curtain

In response to Mohammad cartoon I posted showing a Mohammad in diapers throwing a tantrum over being criticized months ago, I got this response just this morning: Jalil Al-Hamza: “Right, because Muhammad(saws) was a crybaby, that crybaby brought a religion to … Continue reading

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On Being a Hater

I stand accused of being a hater and a harpy because I hate certain crimes committed by certain people. Okay fine. Allow me to list them: I hate the people that chant “Death to America!” in big rallies where they burn … Continue reading

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Why female “Reverts” Leave Islam

Ha.  Maybe first I should explain what I mean by “Reverts.”  Anyone whose never been Muslim would just call them converts to Islam.  The reason Muslims call them “Reverts” is out of the belief that everyone is born Muslim quite … Continue reading

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Was someone trying to shut me up?

Ha. Jeb is reading a Clive Cussler book I got him got him for Christmas called Mirage and told me about a historical event described in the first chapter.  Cussler typically begins his stories with semi-historical events.  Which is to say, they’re … Continue reading

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Featured Author: Debra Kamza/ Ampbreia Weiss

My friend, fellow memoir writer, and survivor of Iran, Lori Foroozandeh, interviewed me about my two books on her blog, named after her book, Lori’s Song.  Check it out.  And please check out her story as well. Featured Author: Debra … Continue reading

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Dream Lover

Maisy is what you might call an “old maid.”  Orphaned as a teenager, she has lived alone but for her pets in her cottage by the sea all her life.  She has friends in the little town of See Breeze but has … Continue reading

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Submission Requirements

Every publisher and editor has them and writers invariably feel challenged or oppressed or just plain intimidated by them, feeling certain of rejection if they happen to get it wrong.  I know I’ve felt that way.  Submission Requirements are just another … Continue reading

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