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Photo dumping on y’all!

My autumn mantle… …and Tequilla the gecko.  I don’t drink the stuff.  I just feed it crickets…. He’s all decked out for Halloween now at Roswell in the fireplace.  The aquarium is all decorated in a Halloweenish sort of way… … Continue reading

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Being opinionated

It is my opinion… 1. That any nation or group that purposefully keeps having children beyond the extent of their available resources is going to earn a Darwin award for themselves and their offspring and that anyone who encourages this … Continue reading

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The Outback Kangaroo Farm

Last week, when Jeb suggested having the kids over for dinner this weekend, I thought about all the mischief my devilly little 4-year-old granddaughter Vanessa can get into while I was tied up cooking and almost begged off.  I’d been having a stressful … Continue reading

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The weekend past

1.  Talking with one of my online friends on Friday, he asked if I believed in religion.  I told him no.  He asked, “Why not?” I’m more inclined to think when asked that way, “Why should I?”  but replied more … Continue reading

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Churning thoughts, KISS theory, and smiles

I’m having trouble staying focussed today so I’m venting out my churning thoughts… 1. I am always inordinately upset when someone I thought I knew turns out to be someone else entirely. If I loved them before, I’m not likely to … Continue reading

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Ah the little ironies

1.  I finally earned my first royalties on the two books I published on Amazon in February, which is really encouraging!   This was on the Kindle version of each.    It amounts to only $17.53, which may not sound like … Continue reading

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Bad kitties, a human trafficker, and Hitler

Sorry, I’m a bit grumpy this morning… 1. My latest HGTV design, Water Ship Down, was just getting beautiful and nearing completion when things started going drastically wrong. First it started misbehaving something fierce and then it stopped doing anything … Continue reading

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