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There Are Other Worlds Than These

A repost from long ago (probably back from my Xanga days, or even MySpace) because the words were playing so busily in my head this morning I think it must mean something…. There Are Other Worlds than These Mountains will … Continue reading

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That Which Remains

In the hollow of the years, haunted by all things past, I sought out the phantoms of a yesteryear, children now older than myself, cozy home a heap of mossy ruins, the forest path we once walked so freely now … Continue reading

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Two old poems of mine stuck on my mind today for some reason…. Dark Angel He didn’t believe; he couldn’t… The wisdom of his honest heart and mind just couldn’t grasp the cruelty and nonsense of such an empty faith. … Continue reading

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Lake of Fire

  Dark waters will engulf Islam, Dar Islam will become a lake of fire, Boiling and burning their shrivelled souls, Karmic recompense for countless mass murders, the heads of innocents they’ve taken, Their inhumane practices and barbaric cruelties, All the … Continue reading

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Nebulous these seeds, We clutched them in our hands, Soft specks of down as much as pristine specks of life. Consciousness condensed into light, Then down to solid form, Like diamonds afloat in ethereal space. Time, the illusion, the matrix … Continue reading

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Tree in the Desert

I saw a tree in the desert, It fed on the light of the ether and drank deep of the earth’s  subterranean waters. To rare travellers it offered shade and succor. Around it the golden sands shimmered, Mirages of Paradise in … Continue reading

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By the Long Count

  By the long count, I’m just a starling Alighting on a moment, Flitting away on a spark of light, One downy feather drifting down in my wake By the long count, we can be like the lilies of the … Continue reading

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The Path of Dreams

What are dreams?  What do you think they are? Some say they’re a bit of undigested dinner as Scrooge assumed in the Dickens’ story, Christmas Carol.  Some say they’re thoughts of the day being sorted out and digested.  I’m sure … Continue reading

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Shimmering beauty

None can deny her shimmering beauty, languid sensuality reaching out invitingly, the allure of her fragrance, the sweetness of her whispers and sighs, the gentle way she rocks you in her arms on one day and thrashes you in torrents … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears

In her stopping she moans at the strain, Bucking frantically at the rages of storms, The clash of fire and ice, As mantle separates from core And so many cower for dearth and life. Then stillness reigns, In countless minds … Continue reading

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