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Don’t be a scroogy sultan

I don’t have a high opinion of religion in general. I see it mostly as a tool used by the “Elite” to control the masses and obfuscate true spirituality. It distracts with rote and ritual. It puts so many layers … Continue reading

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Holidays, flash mobs, and belief

1. I love Flash Mobs. Such sweet, joyful, surprises they bring unsuspecting passerby all over the place. Well, in the west at least. I wonder if they ever perform in the near east? 2. Sharia has so many laws against basic … Continue reading

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The Snohomish Garden Show Tour

I was late putting this up.  I went to this with my mother and sister on July 27th or thereabouts and took lots of pictures and I’ve waited until now to bother showing them off.  Shocking, I know.  I took … Continue reading

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Some West Coast Road Songs

All of Me – John Legend, Lindsey Stirling All She Wants to Do is Dance – Don Henley A Moment – Bitter:Sweet American Pie – Don McLean Anything Can Happen – Ellie Goulding A Rose in the Wind – Anggun … Continue reading

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Blog of the year & holidaying too

I’ve left my pages open and peeked at them now and then, but lately, I’ve just been doing the holiday thing: Thanksgiving 1 at my sister’s house with my side of the family.  Thanksgiving 2 at Jeb’s mom’s house with … Continue reading

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Souls in Leaving

A repost (with edits) from long ago on Xanga just because it’s the season. Souls in Leaving… Chill sunlight sparking off the frosty leaves, As the mists like wraiths dance and float and twist Between these rough and stately trees. Souls … Continue reading

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Photo dumping on y’all!

My autumn mantle… …and Tequilla the gecko.  I don’t drink the stuff.  I just feed it crickets…. He’s all decked out for Halloween now at Roswell in the fireplace.  The aquarium is all decorated in a Halloweenish sort of way… … Continue reading

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The Cabin in the Woods

Come out of the darkness, Come out from under those dripping branches of shadowy trees lost in clouds… As you have been… Come out of the cold and the fog, Into my cabin at the heart of the Endless Wood. … Continue reading

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