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Religious Morality and the Rampages of Muslim Men! While I find this article interesting and agree with many of its points, I don’t agree with its basic premise: ‘“The John Adams Center explains, “Because the American republic is a free republic, therefore, it was designed for a … Continue reading

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Human Rights & Other Freedoms

I get a lot of petitions sent my way and I sign the ones I care about while ignoring all others. A healthy percentage of these concern basic human rights for women in the Islamic world, the freeing of “prisoners of … Continue reading

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Holidays, flash mobs, and belief

1. I love Flash Mobs. Such sweet, joyful, surprises they bring unsuspecting passerby all over the place. Well, in the west at least. I wonder if they ever perform in the near east? 2. Sharia has so many laws against basic … Continue reading

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Child marriage lie and truth

Earlier, I shared this picture from a mass Muslim marriage purported to be of preadolescent brides.  Then I looked it up on Snopes and found out that the picture was being misrepresented.  It was a picture from a mass Muslim marriage, … Continue reading

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Being opinionated

It is my opinion… 1. That any nation or group that purposefully keeps having children beyond the extent of their available resources is going to earn a Darwin award for themselves and their offspring and that anyone who encourages this … Continue reading

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Bad kitties, a human trafficker, and Hitler

Sorry, I’m a bit grumpy this morning… 1. My latest HGTV design, Water Ship Down, was just getting beautiful and nearing completion when things started going drastically wrong. First it started misbehaving something fierce and then it stopped doing anything … Continue reading

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Sex by the numbers – part 2

Age 16.  Kenny and I are both virgins and remain so the entire time we’re together.  I’m in no rush to lose that since I have no idea what that entails… pretty sure it’s more than just French kissing, but I’m not … Continue reading

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