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Common Sense Rules For Muslim Immigrants to the US

I’m tired of hearing Trump criticized for blocking illegal immigration and trying to protect us from invaders who mean us harm. This does NOT include all Muslims. It only includes the nettlesome/dangerous ones that we cannot and should not trust. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Immigration

Is it just me, or is legalizing illegal immigration some kind of weird oxymoran? I couldn’t get citizenship for my Iranian born son even though I was born and still am an American citizen. He was past the age of … Continue reading

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Good morning!

1. The first news article I read this morning made me a little misty-eyed: Single Mom Caught Shoplifting Gets Touching Surprise From Cops I remember what it was like being a single mom getting very little help from my kid’s … Continue reading

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Please don’t get me wrong: I like guys in general. As friends, I mostly prefer them to women in a lot of ways. Oh. And I’m straight, so prefer them in that way too. But not the willfully dumb, arrogant, chauvinist, … Continue reading

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