Religion and Commonality Tactics

I’m presently reading a memoir written by an ex-Scientologist. I forget the name of the book. It’s on my Kindle and the title doesn’t show up on the top of the page like you might expect. Some books it does, this one it doesn’t.

Anyway, the first thing to strike me about the story is that when the author describes some of the basic premises of Scientology – reincarnation, multi-dimensional existence, and the need to free oneself from past traumas in order to progress – I found myself nodding in agreement. I came to many of the same conclusions L. Ron Hubbard obvious had.

Now don’t let this get you all excited if you’re a scientologist or worried for me if you’re not. Just because I believe of some of the tennets of a religion – any religion, doesn’t mean I’m made for that religion and am going to run right out and join it. That is so not happening.

I investigated Scientology back in the 1980s as a project for a theology class I was taking. I pretended to be a prospective just so I could get an interior view of some of its recruiting methods.

The guy I met with in the Seattle office (I think you’d call him an “auditor”) was dressed like a Catholic priest and spoke to me, ironically, of Scientology being a self-help tool and life-style as opposed to being a religion.

When I couldn’t help laughing and asked why he was wearing a priest collar then, he explained that it was just a fashion choice of his. Then he explained the process of auditing.

I don’t remember the details of this. It reminded me of regressive hynosis to identify the chains in one’s past and eliminate this. I did not undergo this process. Instead, I allowed him to lead me into a little conference room that had been made over into a theater full of highschool style desk-chairs with a big screen at the front of the room. There, I was the only viewer to a film about the auditing process, how it helped people with everything from health to mental issues. There was electric shock treatment involved just like in the movie “Cats Eye.”

That was all I needed to see. I left in disgust before the film was even over. Whatever I agreed with them about mattered a whole lot less to me than how they tried to control people thereby captured. I nonetheless received invitations from the Church of Scientology for the next 15 years.

The first method evangelists of any religion to capture converts is presenting bits of their ideology that the prospective convert can agree with. They’ll say (or insinuate) “See, you believe what we do. You already belong to us. All you need to do is formalize it and then we’ll help you go further in it.”

Okay, they almost never use those exact words but they do play on that exact idea and deliberately leave out the objectionable bits until after they are certain they have you.

A great many Islamic evangelists, for example, will say to open-minded Christians, that they worship the same god (a lie they believe btw) and that they also follow Christ/Yeshua (also a lie: the believe Yeshua was a prophet, not a son-of-God, a source of redemption, or even a teacher). If they succeed in getting the Christian to convert to Islam, thinking it a purer version of Christianity, he/she will soon find there is no such thing as the Golden Rule or actual mercy. Allah is frequently called “Merciful” but his laws, the Sharia, demonstrate no mercy whatsoever. Oh, and for a Muslim to call Jesus the son-of-god is a sacrilege punishable by death.

Another example of selling common beliefs in evangelism is when Christian Evangelists to Hindus try to convince them that their god Krishna is none other than Christ prior to preaching back in Israel. There is both historic and chrono data to suggest this may actually be true but, regardless, Hindus mostly just find it insulting and wish the Christians would stop saying that. Yet some must bite because the Evangelists still keep trying it.

Honestly, I think it could usher in world peace if we looked more at what we have in common as human beings than where we are very different. But religion just never seems to let it go that way. No. Commonalities for them are just what attracts converts and then they insert rules – lots and LOTS of rules – by which to control their won adherents. 

In short, they’re clubs.  You follow the rules or you get the hell out.  In some of them, like the Mafia and Islam, that means you have to die.

Islam has more rules than any of them. It governs every aspect of an aherent’s life in detail. But all religions have rules. They tell you what to think and feel and do and will tear you down as a person whenever you show more indendence than that.

Listen. It’s okay to think for yourself and be your own authority. What’s more, we should be able to respect that in one another and be friends regardless. No one needs to control us or take away our right to be our own persons.

One of my beliefs, formed on my own independent of religion, is that we are all creative expressions of our Creator, just trying out different modes of experience.  Good or Evil probably means nothing to the Creator.  But it means something to us who have to live with one another in the physical realm.

So yeah…  If another creative expression of the Creator tries to supercede or undermine others, that’s just them asking for a knock-down in my opinion. But that’s just me.  I won’t let you control me.  I’m always going to be my own person. 

How about you?


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Building Split levels in Sims 3

I have Sims 4 and there are some pretty neat aspects to it, but I still don’t have as much creative liberties in it as in Sims 3.  So yeah, I’m back to playing Sims 3 and learning new tricks for it even now: Split levels for instance!

Here’s a quick how to:

1.  Draw your floor plan using the Wall tool.  Wherever you want to make a split level – a stair landing for example, draw that in just as you would a room.  move one square out from that and outline that level.  This last is just to make your life easier if you’re making a stair landing.  You do not need to do this if what’s next to it is just going to be a room a level down.

2.  Turn the dang auto-roof off, go up a level, delete the roof, and build another story.  This time, follow the room lines below but not the split level lines.  Floor the whole second level.  Because there are no walls here to designation the split level zones, you might want to do those in other colors just so you can easily see where they’re at.

3.  Go up a level.  Draw the outline of the building only.  No need to floor it.  Just leave it open.

4.  Go up a level.  Just floor it.  No walls or anything else.  This will be the second level of your structure IF you choose to have one or it will be your roof level if not.

5.  Go back down to the 2nd level, hit “Ctrl+Shift+C” and type in “ConstrainFloorElevation False” and “Enter” in the gray bar that appears on the top of the page.

6.  Choose where your topmost split level will be and drop a staircase down either in the center of it or at the edge where you want a stairway anyway.  This is a bit tricky sometimes.  You may have trouble getting the stairway to land exactly where you want it.  It may fight you.  But all you really need from it at this time is for it to make a dent in the floor.  Once it makes that dent, if the stair is not exactly where you want it, just delete it. Then use the terrain leveling tool to make the whole floor level with the dent.

7.  If this is a landing, delete the floor surround this split level 1 square all around except where it meets the wall of the house or an interior room that will not be directly connected to this level.

8.  Now drop another stair where your next split level with be.  Unless the stair has landed exactly where you want it, just delete it and level the floor from that level across the structure, leaving only your top most level alone and separated by the 1-square divide.

9.  Make your 1 square divide around this level too.

10.  Delete the floor except where your split levels are on this first story.

11.  Floor the ground in this space.  Make sure it’s level but resist the urge to level the lot.  It will affect all the other layers you just made so, trust me, you don’t want to do that.  As is, you will have to watch carefully to make sure your other layers are not altered and relevel them on occassion that they are affected.

12.  Choose where your windows and doors are going to be on this first story.  Delete a square of the lowest level wall for each square of width the window, door, or arch will be.  The wall levels up will be pushed up above it.  Put in the space for each opening this way and if you have several in a row along one wall in a room, go ahead and raise the whole space as one.  Just be sure you stop at least 1 sqaure away from walls that will run perpedicular to this.  You may experience grief if you do not.

13.  Go to the top of the structure.  There will hills and mountain peaks there for every place where you raised a wall for opening.  Just use the terrain tool to level them back out.

14.  Now drop a stair on that top level.  Delete the stair and level it out again from the dent.  Repeat.

15.  Type “Cntrl+Shift+C” and type in “ConstrainFloorElevation True” and Enter, followed by Esc.

16.  Now you can put in your doors, windows, fire places, and stairs where you want them. 

17.  For wall covering where there is a transition between levels, the only way you can hide the way the wall slants between levels is to use solid colors, stucco, or vertical geometric patterns.

Happy Simming!

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Two old poems of mine stuck on my mind today for some reason….

Dark Angel

He didn’t believe; he couldn’t… The wisdom of his honest heart and mind just couldn’t grasp the cruelty and nonsense of such an empty faith.

But when they understood his disbelief and took him to lock away in darkness, I didn’t even know, nor would have comprehended what they meant to do. For how could they force him to embrace a faith he couldn’t believe?

When they dragged him out into the brilliance of the day, blinking at the crowd that had gathered in the square, I watched it safe and distant in my ether space, wondering what they could do… and why it was important.

I didn’t understand; I couldn’t… when they grasped and forced him down onto his hands and knees… nor the meaning of the sharpened pike they thrust into his rear.

What was this? Did they think this public humiliation would force him to submit as the beating of a slave? Did they think to break him thus? To make him say he believed what he didn’t?

But the apostate only groaned a keening submersion of pain… not submission… and they raised him on his pike as a scarecrow in a field and left him on display.

Still the crowd watched, as with bated breath, and I did not perceive what they were watching until the sharpened pike I’d forgotten now burst through the poor man’s back.

His face a mask of pain and tears, his silently mouthed prayers are surely to some god other than the one that would wish this on him… and here I am, safe on the other side of the world, helpless to intervene.

The crowd cheered then, all of them men, shouting “Allah-ho-Akbars” to their cruelly bloodthirsty vengeful god. That was when I noticed them with loathing that in this they could participate and in any way rejoice. What pity know they, or empathy? Their humanity has died in them.

Perhaps it would be better not to know….

The women did not participate in this, though some of them would have so deep is their slavish devotion to what their men insist is right… but many I think would have abhorred this unnatural display of cruelty, yet seldom have a voice with which to object.

The women here are only shadows. If they move without at all, it is beneath the blackness of a living burial shroud, faces veiled, no perfume, and no ornaments that jingle.

Sickened with horror, I can do nothing but turn away, but in my mind’s eye I see one of those shadow women standing. She hides beneath her shroud and veils a mask to protect her and two glass vials: one of crystal blue and one colorless as water, meant for the cleansing of foul stains.

She drops her vials and the cruel crowd drops around her while the man on the pike finds sanctuary from his pain. Then, invisibly, the dark angel slips away….


Blackness mounting in the sky,

Dark mushroom of clouds,

Blotting out the sun.

Ashes like snowflakes

Blanket the cities and countryside.

Red cinders dance on breezes

Like fireflies and dying dreams.

I don’t know what I’m seeing

but the silence in me screams….

Ice will come here

In the aftermath,

The tween time meld

Of Ice and Fire,

Lore of which the old gods

Gained infamy and power.

Don’t be afraid.

For every door closed,

Every era silenced,

Another opens wide.


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Religious Morality and the Rampages of Muslim Men!

While I find this article interesting and agree with many of its points, I don’t agree with its basic premise:

The John Adams Center explains, “Because the American republic is a free republic, therefore, it was designed for a religious people.”

In 1776, Adams wrote, “[I]t is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. 

It is in this context that we understand Adams, who had predicted the fall of the French Revolution in 1790 when he said, “I know not what to make of a republic of 30 million atheists.”

I don’t believe that morality requires religion unless “morality” in the above context only means “adherent to the principles of one’s religion.” Morality in that case would vary widely depending on the religion.

Muslims, for instance, have lots of religion. They have so much religion that they’re in danger at all times of being choked by it. Almost everything they do has a specific rule about it in their religion and a majority of Muslims are zealous about trying to follow every one. But what their religion teaches as “moral” are things we consider flat out evil: bestiality, gender apartheid, maiming, pedophilia, rape, slavery, stoning, murder of unbelievers, torture, censorship….

Ha. It may be true that we in the west tend to judge everyone by our own standards but I don’t believe our standards are based purely on religion. If they were, we’d still be marrying rape victims to their rapists or stoning her if he didn’t want to marry her; we’d still consider animal and child sacrifice as valid as Abraham did; we’d still be cutting POWs in half like King David did; murdering unbelievers; marrying little girls to old men; keeping slaves; raping and pillaging….

There’s a great meme on religious “morality” called “Why Can’t I Own a Canadian?” at

A lot of Americans still have religion, but, unlike huge numbers of Muslims, think for themselves as well. They don’t let the behavior of people in the Bible wholly dictate their behavior as Muslims do the behavior of their prophet or his dictates via the Koran.

No. American Christians, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, atheists, Wiccans, and others all live under the same civil laws here. We all have the same rights and responsibilities vis-a-vis one another, regardless of our religion or lack there of.

Our “morality” is treating one another fairly and with as much respect as they treat us. We do our best to treat others the way we want to be treated and when we fail badly at that, we pay fines, do our time in jail, or could even face execution. Yes, that’s golden rule, but it’s a practical rule; it’s not an empty one based purely on dogma.

We don’t abuse each other inasmuch as we don’t want to be abused.

We don’t cheat one another inasmuch as we don’t want to be cheated.

We maintain our freedom of speech even if we disagree. Slander is illegal only because it’s spitefully untrue. Speaking the truth is only forbidden when it violates national security protocols. We have to be able to criticise on every topic, even religion, so to work out difficulties of all sorts and better ourselves.

You can call that “morality” if you want to, but it’s not based on religion. It’s just common sense. It’s what we need to harmonize and prosper as a united people from divergent cultures and ideologies.

In light of all of the above, understand this: the reason why the Muslim refugees in Europe and many other places are totally lacking in decency, ethics, morality, or harmonious conduct – whatever you want to call it – is because they are both utterly controlled an utterly frustrated by dogma alone. 

Small but serious point here: Gender Apartheid?  Is that even natural?  It’s results epitomized by the behavior of Muslim men would incline me to give it a great big ABSOLUTELY NOT!  That’s insane.

They don’t know how to think for themselves when it comes to discerning right from wrong. They really don’t. And their dogma just doesn’t cover getting along with others.

So either reject them as you would rabid dogs, or quarantine them while cutting their dogmatic chains and just teach them what harmonizing with other really means and how it benefits them. Otherwise, they’ll do no good anywhere but just spread like a disease.!

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Back Into Time – 1

Stale cigaretts, ashes, and fast food wrapers. That was what I noticed most about his car as the clean bright snow-capped mountains, trees, and fields swept past. His face was worn, his hair gone grey, yet I remembered as we drove, remembered this soul in a place outside of time. Here were the seasons turned and the years actually meant something, I was aware again of what we were.

“It’s hard to remember too much. You lose focus. You forget what you’re doing. You forget where you are.”

“Where am I?”

“In Smart-Ass-Ville. Don’t do this, Ceres.”

“I have to. I don’t want to forget you or lose my way back here.”

I loved how the springy thick green moss grew everywhere, even beneath the flowing crystalline waters of the brook, and bloomed in tiny stars of rainbow hues. I loved the trackless forest, the white throated roar of countless falls, and the way the trees sang, the scent of flowers and warm pine mulch…

“Forget me?” she asked, incredulous. “You dolt. It’s yourself you’re going to forget. You have to leave something behind and that’s what it’s most likely to be.”

“Not so. Well, not necessarily. I know of more than a few who’ve remembered.”

She doesn’t try to argue this time; instead asking, “Have you decided on destination then?”

“Yes!” I grin at her. “I’m going back to where I’ve just come from.”

“Oh no. Not there.” She looks panic stricken for a moment. “Seriously?”


I hand her the little blue disk and she takes it, a deep crease furrowing her otherwise luminous smooth brow.

And so I’d gone back into Time. The transition itself I cannot recall. But I remembered him; remembered that one of the reasons I came was simply because he was here and he’d need me. We’d been friends long before time began and had met up often in the Garden of Elysium out past the belief territories. Only last time he hadn’t been there and I’d gone back into Time again in hope of retrieving him.

Just a story idea I’m playing with.  Tell me what you think?

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The Message of Control



Perhaps because of my background, I’m immune to cajoling, suspicious of flattery, and hostile toward overt pressure.

Whenever I’ve heard a preacher going on about heaven and hell and Jesus dying for our sins, playing on guilt, fear, and obligation my hackles go right up. If he adds to that disdain or hatred for those that believe differently, I’m just offended. I try not to be. I’d be a lot less so (if at all) if I thought it were his honest feelings and not based purely on dogma, but it is what it is and I’ve learned to just avoid churches. They wouldn’t want me if they had me anyway. You’ll have to trust me on this.

Attitudes and behavior based purely on dogma are bogus in my opinion; a heap of smelly BS.

When I see men sexually assaulting or harassing women, I see it as meta language and get certain messages loud and clear from it:

1. They are misogynist.

2. They have no respect for their fellow humanity and thus very little compassion. They really don’t care if their behavior results in an unwanted and devastating pregnancy, terror, disgust, or other harm. They don’t even care if the woman will be stoned to death for their actions as tends to happen in Islamic nations.

3. They are weak. This shows in their need to denigrate or harm those who appear physically weaker than themselves.

4.  They have no impulse control.

5.  They have very little self-respect if any because how could they do this otherwise?

4. They were raised badly.  In short, their parents sucked at parenting.

5. Quite possibly this bad behavior has been inculcated in them from an early age by certain string-pulling elitists for the sake of subduing women and dividing humanity against itself for easier ruling.

6. When I see the way that Muslim men behave around women, this last is very clear. Women around them will feel very threatened if they don’t wear hijab, go out without escorts, drive, or do anything at all without a male guardian’s full approval. And the threat is real. If the men don’t approve, the women are brutalized. often they are brutalized and/or killed even if they “behave” perfectly because males in that society are trained from an early age to take no responsibility for their brutish impulses toward women and that women are at fault for anything done against them.

Muslim males suck. I love it that I don’t have to be around them anymore and that the American males I am now around are like a million times superior to their Muslim counterparts.

However, I do believe that Muslims are probably the most manipulated people on the planet. Some elitists or other find them easy and somehow profitable to control in the extreme. True Muslims act almost entirely on faith and dogma. They don’t need pesky little things like common sense, science, objective reasoning, introspection, self/specie preservation, compassion, empathy, or intuition. They’ll do whatever just for their religion or excused by their religion, no matter how outrageous or destructive.

The Muslim male refugees attacking women in Europe. Yeah. That’s them. And their purpose is to bring women under Islamic control. So women need to fight back, remembering these men are intellectually and spiritually weak and very manipulated.

Hurt them. Administer shock sticks to their groins, sic your dogs on them, shoot them, go ape-sh*t on them. Make them afraid of you. It’s the only language they understand because of their upbringing. If only there were fewer of them to deal with, they could be rounded up and methodically deprogrammed, but at present there are too many of them and they are an invasion force.

Don’t let them control you. Fight back. Do NOT submit. Submitting would be the worst thing you could possibly do. Hopefully your own good men will stand beside you.  I think they will.  Only lesser men would stand down on this issue, men like Dar Islam has way too much of.

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The Vampire


Islam is like a vampire.  It mesmerizes and/or deceives its naive supplicants who have either been forced to accept it, seduced, or bought into its lies.

The supplicants bare their throats to it; let it drink from them both blood and soul until they are drained of their humanity.

The most ardent of these supplicants – rather a lot of them – then become the vampire themselves.  The lie, they seduce, they thirst for blood, and they kill without compunction or mercy.


It isn’t just DAESH that’s so blood-thirsty.  Blood-thirstiness is a common trait of all Islamic theocracies even down to individual Muslim communities and families in non-Muslim lands that refuse to assimilate in the nation that took them in.

Like the mythological vampire, the Islamist fears light.  Figh.  Not sunlight, of course, but the light of truth.  They can not easily withstand it and still maintain themselves as the  vampires.

Figh – anything that causes a Muslim to question their religion – is a capital offense in Islam.  It’s one of a million or so excuses the hardcore Muslim has for beheading people or killing them in other gruesome ways.

Figh is what can return a Muslim’s humanity.  Figh is what can kill them too.  It’s sunlight to a vampire.

These were my thoughts when I chanced upon an Islamic forum where a Muslim had asked if Islam acknowledged the reality of vampires and asked whether or not they were haram (spiritually impure).

I laughed reading all the answers.  None of them really answered the question but I wanted to.  I refrained though.  The mentality there was child-like.  If I told them what I thought, that Islam itself is a sort of vampire, they would have been too outraged to deal with it.  They can’t handle figh.

The Golden Rule is light, figh, so not taught in Islam. It would have saved many from its evil clutches if  it had been but then that would have gone against Islam pretty much all the way.

It’s simple: treat others the way you want to be treated.  Don’t be a savage asshole by harassing, oppressing, torturing, enslaving, or killing them when they don’t happen to agree with your inculcated religious viewpoints.  Be nice.  Be decent.  Be grateful.  Don’t whine and belligerate all the time.  Be gentle and harmonious.  Kill only in self defense or defense of loved ones.

Killing for religion is terribly wrong.  It’s not nice, not decent, and definitely not harmonious.  All hands will end up turned against you in self defense as against a rabid animal.

Islam has damned itself.  I feel sorry for all the otherwise good people that will be dragged down with it when it collapses under the weight of it’s own horrifically bad karma just because they lack the fortitude or moral compass to escape it.  I hope they have the sense to leave Islam before it reaches the point of no return.  I hope they free themselves and become human again.

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