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The Doctor is In

We drove down a busy highway eclosed in a glowing silver fog, thick as pea soup. Jeb was my Doctor Who and I was his companion of the moment. Did that make his old brown Buick a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension … Continue reading

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The Kitten by the Road

I’m driving through the countryside of Machias, summer fields and trees and mountains flowing past me as if in slow motion, farm houses and trailers, far apart, like staccato images of falseness against an otherwise natural landscape.  I’m lost in a … Continue reading

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Adventuring in Mist

I was a kid again but in some other life it seemed because I had a little brother much closer to me in age than my real brother Kevin.  My dream brother’s name was Toby.  We’d grown bored with our … Continue reading

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Wiggle space

This dream might have had something to do with the man in the news recently who’d been using little kids to steal unattended purses in a local Chuck E. Cheeses…. I dreamed that I was 6 or 7 again, small … Continue reading

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I’ve been pranked by my own mind!  The traitor! See, yesterday morning when I was sleeping off the time before my shift began when I heard another car drive up and voices, door slamming and such, so I came partially up … Continue reading

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Two Dreams

1.  I was in my early 20s but with full adult awareness/memory at my mother’s house for a family get-together.  We were playing a game called Bump at the dining room table when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I … Continue reading

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Pieces of a dream

I remember only a little of what I dreamed last night, which is annoying because I was soooo determined to remember it better.  So I’m going to try extrapolating between the pieces as best I can and hope to make … Continue reading

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The Sons of the Sun

I found myself on the bank of the river Styx again, unable, as usual, to remember whether I was on the side of the living or the dead, not even certain that there were opposite sides in that regard.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Rambulations and Dreams

1. Can’t get to Facebook, the Sims 3 forum, or my own email today.  It’s very sad. 2.  A Muslim man, an immigrant here from Iran, who’s acquaintance I’d made and who was disappointed in my being married for some reason, once … Continue reading

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Side Thoughts and Dreams

1. I spent 50 years of my life waiting to reach “My Time,” whatever that meant.  As the slow-feeling adventuring of youth faded and adult years began to speed by, I was certain I was getting closer.   February 2012 … Continue reading

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