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Dream Class Notes / Information Out of Context

1.  Jesus/Yeshua was quite real, though his crucifixion was not.  It was something his Jewish followers considered necessary to validating some previous prophecy since the culture of the time demanded blood sacrifices for the placating of gods and expiation of … Continue reading

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Lake of Fire

  Dark waters will engulf Islam, Dar Islam will become a lake of fire, Boiling and burning their shrivelled souls, Karmic recompense for countless mass murders, the heads of innocents they’ve taken, Their inhumane practices and barbaric cruelties, All the … Continue reading

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Soul Musings

1.  Sometimes in the night, when I lay there restless, awake, and thinking for a long time, unable to shut down the pesky muse (who bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell), Jeb will sense it no matter how quiet I am.  … Continue reading

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Two Dreams

1.  I was in my early 20s but with full adult awareness/memory at my mother’s house for a family get-together.  We were playing a game called Bump at the dining room table when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I … Continue reading

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Clear hate speech being protected?

Supreme Court sides with fundamentalist church members who picketed Marine’s funeral Westborough Baptist Church, the face of hatred, the anti-Christ incarnate as Christ was all about compassion for everyone and Westbourough Baptist church is all about hatred of anyone and … Continue reading

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