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Lake of Fire

  Dark waters will engulf Islam, Dar Islam will become a lake of fire, Boiling and burning their shrivelled souls, Karmic recompense for countless mass murders, the heads of innocents they’ve taken, Their inhumane practices and barbaric cruelties, All the … Continue reading

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Maya, Illusion, Our world is made of Beliefs overlapping realities, Petals overlapping petals, Reality itself enclosed beyond perception, Hidden by the petals folding over it, Scant glimpses of its light like diadems, Glistening on each petals From every star in … Continue reading

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Tree in the Desert

I saw a tree in the desert, It fed on the light of the ether and drank deep of the earth’s  subterranean waters. To rare travellers it offered shade and succor. Around it the golden sands shimmered, Mirages of Paradise in … Continue reading

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Souls in Leaving

A repost (with edits) from long ago on Xanga just because it’s the season. Souls in Leaving… Chill sunlight sparking off the frosty leaves, As the mists like wraiths dance and float and twist Between these rough and stately trees. Souls … Continue reading

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Life Is…

Fallen on a beam of moonlight, Life is born in struggle and pain, The warmth and swaddled comforts, Happiness, Beauty, Ugliness, Sweetness, Despair… Love and kindness, Passion, Sensuality, Breathless rapture, Darkness and light, Maturity and peace, Wisdom… … or bitterness, … Continue reading

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Dance of Sparrows

“Dance,” she writes and the words blur before me. I put the missive down, Let the wind carry it from my hand. “Dance…” Why it matters I don’t know. I fall back on the grass and close my earth eyes … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms and Time

Cherry Blossoms Moments coalesce.  Cherry blossoms drift on a fragrant sea, blown tempest tossed through Time:  another and another and another. A child’s voice echoes against the cool stone walls, lilting through passages illumed by the soft golden radiance of … Continue reading

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My Heart on the Moon

I think I left my heart on the moon, Marooned as it were in its silver light, The only familiar thing in a foreign land, As there I straddled the back of a night mare, The sharp icy stone of a … Continue reading

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Winter Moon

  Winter moon in all her veils, Shrouded like a Muslimah in black chador, A smudge of light, A single eye peeps shyly through… Opaque soft clouds above bare boned trees Speak of snow in coming, The ground still dark and bare, … Continue reading

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Snow Queen

  A moment lights upon me like a snowflake on my cheek and melts in the heat of contact the second I know it’s there.  It seems that the happiest moments rush by me in flurries, both myriad and fleeting, … Continue reading

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