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The Man Behind the Curtain

In response to Mohammad cartoon I posted showing a Mohammad in diapers throwing a tantrum over being criticized months ago, I got this response just this morning: Jalil Al-Hamza: “Right, because Muhammad(saws) was a crybaby, that crybaby brought a religion to … Continue reading

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Religious Defenses

The religious evolutionist, an uneasy combination:  “Of course the earth couldn’t have been created in 7 of our days.  A day for God must be much longer.” Okay, why not?  There is evidence that our year wasn’t always the same … Continue reading

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Taking the helpless out of helplessness

Bad things can happen to anyone: rape, abuse, a loved one being murdered, a child being taken, going through hard times, ending up on the street, being betrayed by someone… whatever.  Very few escape Fate’s axe.  Does it help if someone feels … Continue reading

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A little rant

Anti-Israel Bus Ads in Seattle Cause International Stir Anti-Israel Ads to Appear on Seattle Buses In case you’re not sure what you’re seeing, it’s a picture of Palestian children by the rubble of a house that was bulldozed by Israelis.  Why was … Continue reading

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