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Breaking Free

“Got a call from an old friend we’d used to be real close Said he couldn’t go on the American way Closed the shop, sold the house, bought a ticket to the west coast Now he gives them a stand-up … Continue reading

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Side Thoughts and Dreams

1. I spent 50 years of my life waiting to reach “My Time,” whatever that meant.  As the slow-feeling adventuring of youth faded and adult years began to speed by, I was certain I was getting closer.   February 2012 … Continue reading

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Religious Defenses

The religious evolutionist, an uneasy combination:  “Of course the earth couldn’t have been created in 7 of our days.  A day for God must be much longer.” Okay, why not?  There is evidence that our year wasn’t always the same … Continue reading

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The Middle-Eastern quagmire

A repost from 9-12-2013; just a little peek back in time: When the so-called Arab Spring began in Egypt and the peaceful demonstrators of multiple faiths took down a dictator, I recall how positive the news media and the people … Continue reading

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A Light in the Desert

All day was spent in driving it seemed.   We followed the serpentine curves of the Mount Loop Highway, the steep climb and precipitous crossing over Stevens pass along the wide road curving down, still snowy in places. My brother Kevin and I lay gently … Continue reading

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Morning thoughts on religion and stuff…

1. Chatting with an African Pentecostal Christian online who right away introduced himself as such, I suspected his next bit would be to ask me if I were “saved,” since such introductions are usually followed by evangelists attempts.  But not … Continue reading

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Playing Head Games

When I first signed up for the Army, I was majoring in Social Psychology in college, was especially interested in parapsychology, and had a vendetta against the men of a certain medieval Middle Eastern country.  I figured that with as much … Continue reading

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