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Random Morning Thoughts….

1. Between Nostrodamus and Al Buliek: El Ninjo is a Russion construct meant to destabilize our agrarian systems, but failing to do that; affecting others instead. Weather games back and forth sure as Tennis, but the wind takes the ball … Continue reading

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Soul Musings

1.  Sometimes in the night, when I lay there restless, awake, and thinking for a long time, unable to shut down the pesky muse (who bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell), Jeb will sense it no matter how quiet I am.  … Continue reading

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Souls in Leaving

A repost (with edits) from long ago on Xanga just because it’s the season. Souls in Leaving… Chill sunlight sparking off the frosty leaves, As the mists like wraiths dance and float and twist Between these rough and stately trees. Souls … Continue reading

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