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Oopart Thoughts

Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts) http://thearrowsoftruth.com/ooparts-smithsonian-we-have-a-problem/  I came across some intriguing pictures of ooparts (out of place artifacts) and have been toying with explanations for them.  Some of them could be relatively modern objects that were caught in flowstone, silt, … Continue reading

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I remember when in grade school, View Ridge Elementary, we used to chase each other, hide and seek, through the fog that clung to the wide open playing fields. The soft cloudy depths of it roiled around us, padding our … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms and Time

Cherry Blossoms Moments coalesce.  Cherry blossoms drift on a fragrant sea, blown tempest tossed through Time:  another and another and another. A child’s voice echoes against the cool stone walls, lilting through passages illumed by the soft golden radiance of … Continue reading

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Toying with time travel

My character Moira at the age of 40 goes back in time to her 17-year-0ld self to alter the timeline she’s on.  She does this with the help of a ghost (named Evangeline) and her soulmate (Trevor), who is grandson to … Continue reading

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Time Travel

If you could travel back into your own time line and do one thing differently, what would it be and why?  And would it be worth it to you to have to live your live over again from that point … Continue reading

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