A War Between Good and Evil

Whether Obama admits it or not, we are at war extremist Islam, Islam the way Mohammad himself practiced it; Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL practice it. It is a war of ideologies; of good and evil; creation and destruction; harmony and disharmony, progressiveness and backwardness, freedom and oppression… and it has very physical attributes.

islam3  boko-haram  islamic-radicals jihadspeech

The enemy lives for death. It lives to steal the lives and goods of innocents belonging to other faiths and non-faiths. Some it beheads. It puts the heads of adults on pikes along roadside. It puts the heads of children on pikes that are placed around parks where these children used to play. It rounds up and shoots long lines of helpless captives whose bodies are let to fall and rot in ditches.

 Jihadi  isis-beheading isis-heads-in-syria-1  Y5WwXzE

Others, mostly women and little girls, it sells into sex slavery. It shoots missiles into civilian populations, targeting children more than anyone. Its own children are either trained to be mass murderers like their parents or used as body shields the terrorists stand behind. It stones people to death. I don’t care what the crime is. Don’t even try to excuse it to me. The only crime worthy of such a cruel death is stoning someone else to death.


I refer to the enemy as IT because it is comprised of anti-humans, the enemy of all of Mankind, Satan Personified: Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL, etc. It was created by parents and clerics that taught hateful things to all in their thrall; to hate persons of other cultures and religions; to denigrate them and women too; to enslave; to rob, to humiliate, to kill without mercy.


The Koran has in it peaceful verses and those that are all about violence and depravity.

Born Muslims have no choice but to choose Islam as their religion. Their own people will kill them if they don’t. So good people simply pick out the peaceful/progressive verses of the Koran and do their best to ignore and deny the rest.

Bad people, of course, do the opposite; choosing the violence and depravity… and then they put the pressure on good people to do the same. The argument is probably something along the lines of god’s law being above human law or sensibilities. I’m not sure. Whatever it is they do, they do lure many over the line of humanity and compassion into pure darkness and evil.


My hope is that American Muslims would not be so duped that way. My hope is that American Muslims migrated here from Dar Islam because our way of life here, backed up by our American Constitution, assures them a life of liberty and justice for all. I would hope, too, that when they got their American citizenship, they understood the need for them, for ALL of us, to sincerely uphold our constitution and fly our flag with pride and gratitude.


If not, they don’t belong here… those, for instance, like a certain Muslim community in Deerborn MI, that rallies for Sharia Law to replace democracy. We’re really more of a republic here, but Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to our constitution, therefore any talk of bringing Sharia Law to the U.S. is a conflict of interests and seditious in its very nature. 

dac5bd430fb657d60e3ae8b2aa30f8b2 FreedomGoToHell


Say all your want about our president or government practices and no matter how bad it is, most Americans are not likely to mind.  But when you threaten our constitution, you threaten all we hold dear and you are likely to find yourself threated in turn.  The proposal of replacing our constitution isn’t just seditious, it goes against all of our civil and basic human rights and we won’t take kindly to that.

Support our constitution, ban Sharia, or leave the U.S. and your American citizenship behind. Choose now. With the infamy extremist Islam is so rapidly accruing via its threats against our great nations and the horrors it commits in the nations it inflicts, your time for choosing sides is running out. An America under Sharia law wouldn’t be a decent place to live any longer. It would be just another 3rd world Islamist hell hole and no American worth their salt would tolerate that happening here.  It would also be very bad for those who mistakenly opt for the hell hole.

For those who have never read the whole Constitution and the Bill of Rights within it, I’ve listed just what’s pertinent to the discussion, where Sharia would run counter to it:

The 1st Amendment protects the people’s right to practice religion, to speak freely, to assemble (meet), to address (petition) the government, and of the press to publish.  This also means you can’t interfere with anyone’s else’s right to do likewise.  Your freedom stops where mine begins and vis-versus.  No killing or charging tribute (jizya) to those who are not of your religion.  No blasphemy laws.  No silencing of constructive criticisms or free speech or publishing period.


The 8th Amendment guarantees that punishments will be fair, and not cruel, and that extraordinarily large fines will not be set.  Sharia laws are insanely cruel, unfair against women and minorities, and often way out of proportion for the crime so none can apply.

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the entire United States.  The Koran allows slavery and it is still practiced throughout Dar Islam…. 


Modern Slave Trade


…We do NOT.  If you’re found holding a slave, you will go to jail like Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban did.  She might have gone to prison as well had she not been able to pay the 5 million dollar bail.  Even so, she had to stick around to answer the charges against her and her slave was freed from her since humans are not the property of other humans here.

meshaelThe 19th Amendment ensures that gender cannot be used as a criteria for voting.  Sharia treats women as half persons under the law.  We’ll have none of that here, thank you very much.

Other rights guaranteed by our constitution (in no particular order) that Sharia also runs counter to:

Retaliation is impermissible.  No eye for an eye here.  You leave it to proper law processes.

No one, not even your parents or spouse, is allowed to disable/remove/limit any right, privilege, or immunity given to you under our laws and constitution unless you are a minor, which by default shall be any individual under the age of 18 unless the disabilities of minority are extended or reduced by court order.

Unimpeded devotion or practice of religion, not preferentially supported by public funds.  

Not to be subject to meddling without a clear, present, and compelling public need.  For instance…

  • Practice of a profession or occupation, marriage, procreation, and acceptance or denial of medical prevention or treatment, except prevention of contagious diseases
  • Not to have some accorded special privileges or protections that favor them over the rest of the people, in ways not essential to the performance of public duties
  • Not to be enslaved or submitted to peonage except as punishment for a crime, but subject to militia, jury, witness, and other public duty.
  • Not to be impeded or punished for voting if one is a citizen and resident on grounds of race, color, creed, previous servitude, gender, age 18 or above, or failure to pay a tax.
  • Not to be neglected or abused while in custody.
  • Not to be denied any right, privilege, or immunity for failure to have or present a name or other form of identification.
  • Not to be deported without proof that one has not been born or naturalized as a citizen, unless one is born to a person not subject to the allegiance of the United States, such as a foreign diplomat or an invader.
  • Not to be subject to penalty for not doing something, such as not paying a tax, if government agents refuse to allow it to be done, such as not accepting payment of a tax.
  • Not to deny relief from some government action for lack of an appropriation to process the application for relief, or having an official to receive the application, and to fail to recognize the demand for such relief as being granted by default.
  • Not to be required to procreate or to refrain from procreating.
  • Not to have imposed upon one any unwanted belief or expression of devotion or to be pressured into conformity with such

 from http://constitutionalism.blogspot.com/2012/07/list-of-constitutional-rights.html

Neither Sharia law, government, spouse, nosey neighbors, or parents are not allowed to meddle here.

Oh yes, and American men and women have equal rights, not like the disparity of such found under Sharia. 


Be American or be Islamist. You can’t be both.  You really can’t.  It’s a clear conflict of interests.


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Mom’s new baby

My mother called me to say she had a new baby… and why shouldn’t she?  She’s in her 70s.  It’s not too late to have another baby, right?

I was grinning as she told me.  She was so in love with her new little one, the image of him came clear to my mind.  She said his name was Scamp.  Then she came over with him to show me in person.

He is, without a doubt, the cutest little pomeranian puppy I have ever seen:

DSC00539 DSC00540 DSC00541 DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544 DSC00545 DSC00546 DSC00547 DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00550 DSC00551 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00554 DSC00556 DSC00557 DSC00558 DSC00559

He’s also very cuddly, brave, and full of kisses.  Oh… and that’s my not-so-brave baby guinea pig Betsy hiding under him in the 2nd to the last picture.

When Mom and I and Scamp went out to look at RV rentals, the salesmen were comically all over little Scamp.  Could have sworn he was a celebrity.  They all wanted to hold him and have their pictures taken with him.  LOL.  

Well who could possibly blame them?

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The Snohomish Garden Show Tour

I was late putting this up.  I went to this with my mother and sister on July 27th or thereabouts and took lots of pictures and I’ve waited until now to bother showing them off.  Shocking, I know.  I took 142 pictures thinking all the while I was being very restrained and taking hardly any.  But I’ll spare you by posting somewhat less than that.  I hope you don’t mind.

DSC00397 DSC00398 DSC00399 DSC00401 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00410 DSC00411 DSC00412 DSC00414 DSC00415 DSC00416 DSC00417 DSC00421 DSC00426 DSC00436 DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00453 DSC00460 DSC00461 DSC00462 DSC00468 DSC00470 DSC00474 DSC00476 DSC00483 DSC00494 DSC00495 DSC00496 DSC00506 DSC00509 DSC00518

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On Being a Hater

I stand accused of being a hater and a harpy because I hate certain crimes committed by certain people. Okay fine. Allow me to list them:

  1. I hate the people that chant “Death to America!” in big rallies where they burn American flags and trample effigies of Uncle Sam. I’m American so I take that personally.
  2. Same for the people that chant “Death to Jews/Zionists!” Jews are human and so am I (albeit not Jewish) so I take this personally as well.
  3. I hate people that fire rockets into civilian populations constantly and at random just to kill Jews because they hate them and then use their own children to stand between them and the return defensive fire that will naturally erupt.
  4. I hate the people that live for death and killing, mass murder-suicides, instead of life. They seem quite anti human to me. Call me racist for it if that floats your macabre little boat.
  5. I hate the people that regard the American flag as a threat to them when hung in American neighborhoods. Are you kidding me? If you don’t like our flag, what are you doing here? Get out!
  6. I hate the people that preach hatred of America and send/fly planes loaded with innocents to crash into buildings full of innocents, murdering close to 3,000 people.
  7. I hate men that treat women as 3rd class citizens and worse. I’m a woman. Of course I have a problem with that.
  8. The hate the biddies in black who try to dictate my dress code as a woman and threaten me with violence or arrest if I don’t comply all the way. Excuse me if I don’t like being threatened of forced. How unreasonable, I know.
  9. I hate to see parents that force their little girls to marry old pedophiles and then “honor” kill them if they fight the arrangement. I was a little girl once. I don’t approve of little girls being sexually abused or murdered. How unfair of me, I know.
  10. I hate the cry-babies that throw violent tantrums and death threats around over cartoons for flipping sake or discussions of their bad conduct – truth, not libel. Please. Can you really not handle the truth? Do you think flipping out over it is really going to improve your image? Seriously?
  11. I hate the monsters that harass Jews and Christians and other non-Muslims.
  12. I hate the monsters that behead, crucify, stone, hang, torture, rape, or otherwise violate Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, women, or anyone at all. It’s ANTI-Human.

If you don’t commit these heinous crimes against humanity, I don’t hate you even if you do share the same religion with these despicable criminals. But I will look awfully funny at you if you support or excuse them in any way and I’m going to laugh if you try and tell me that their religion is peaceful or that they don’t belong to your religion at all.

It’s not what you say you are that really matters. I’m sure you can find the way to make your religion back you up either way. I’ve seen it happen countless times even in certain religion that its not supposed to be possible in. You can make good of it or evil. Your choice. But what you DO matters. Actions speaks way louder than words.

If so many people didn’t do so many bad things in the name of a certain religion (or ANY religion), then there would be nothing bad to say about it.


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Lake of Fire


Dark waters will engulf Islam,

Dar Islam will become a lake of fire,

Boiling and burning their shrivelled souls,

Karmic recompense for countless mass murders,

the heads of innocents they’ve taken,

Their inhumane practices and barbaric cruelties,

All the petty misogyny,

The slavery they call “Submission,”

The terrorism they have the audacity to call “Peaceful,”

Forced conversions and rioting…

It’s enough!

Time to end Islam and bury it!

Death to Islam!

Death to its evil sham!

The Gate to Hell is in Turkey.

Your Mohammad awaits you there.


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Nebulous these seeds,

We clutched them in our hands,

Soft specks of down as much as pristine specks of life.

Consciousness condensed into light,

Then down to solid form,

Like diamonds afloat in ethereal space.

Time, the illusion, the matrix for planting in.

I turned my head and tipped my hand.

Diamonds falling in slants of light,

In waters unfathomably deep.

The stars we see,

The greater beyond,

Our wholeness of being,

Our garden of shadows and light,

Our Selves.

All that is created begins with a thought

An expression,

Slowly solidified into matter,

Finessed in its grace and explored into greater diversity.

Gems in the moonlight,

If only they themselves understood

About the hollow moon,

Impossible artifice,

Blithely accepted

As part of this world.

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Soul Musings

1.  Sometimes in the night, when I lay there restless, awake, and thinking for a long time, unable to shut down the pesky muse (who bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell), Jeb will sense it no matter how quiet I am.  He’ll sigh and say, “You’re getting up, aren’t you?” and I’ll admit that I am.  

I’ll go to my computer and write, research, or draw whatever it is my muse is insisting on at the time until it’s safely out of my system.  But when I go back to bed and Jeb kindly asks if I need the light to see my way about, I always say no.  The truth is that I close my eyes the moment I enter our dark room.  All my senses are tuned.  I can feel the room around me.  I don’t need the light.  Also, I don’t want it to distract me if that makes sense.  I can see images behind my eyelids, patterns, mandellas, messages trying to form that I hope I will take into dreams with me and expand.

I think I must have been blind in some other life.  There’s a part of me that really doesn’t need to see in order to discern the reality surrounding me.  At least that’s how it feels and the feeling is strangely comforting.  There are no monsters in my dark.

2.  I saw a study recently where they interviewed Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) who happened to be stone blind in this physical reality.  But they could see as well as any sighted person when they were out of body.  What’s more, they described the same sights in the Afterlife  that sighted people do.

3.  Something about the Serpens of Beta Reticuli that kind of surprised me was the fact that they were so compassionate and spiritual but also religious in a way our world’s religions could well identify with.  A former pope I know of certainly did and so did certain Shia Muslims.  Like their identifier, religion controls their lives in that they have certain ways of doing things in accordance with it, certain songs and rituals, certain times of day they pray, and the same vision of an after world that our NDEers have – except theirs doesn’t require the experience.  It’s just very simply acknowledged in their faith.  They believe, as I do, that all things in the Cosmos are connected in a great and self-aware intelligence.  Religion is not something they fight about though.  It’s not divisive for them as it is for humans.  There is some indication that Serpens have instilled religion in humans but with different results than what they were obviously expecting.  I wonder if they’re sorry about that?

4.  Religion in our world bothers me in certain ways.  It’s okay for people that don’t trust/know themselves quite well enough to give them confidence in the unseen, but it doesn’t work for me.  Not here.  Not in the way it is now.

It bugs me that people out of body will experience and report back things about the spirit and the afterlife and religious people will often dismiss them out of hand if it doesn’t meet with their paradigms. 

I think of my mother who was all kinds of disturbed at the ghosts of family members my siblings and I interacted with.  She was sure we were making it up because she couldn’t account for ghosts in her religious doctrine.  She’s Pentecostal and thinks ghosts must be demons.  Yet she says she believes the soul is eternal (which I agree with) and that there is an afterlife…

It bugs me that religion makes rules up for people to follow that involve even telling people what they can and can’t think.  I think whatever I do for my own reasons and I’m never going to deny it just because some religion or other says that wrong of me.  Ditto for doing whatever seems right for me.  If I’m not hurting anyone, they just leave me alone at it.  Only if I hurting someone do you have the right to intervene and maybe point that out.

I’m insulted and amused, but mostly insulted, when religious people state that non-religious people lack a “moral compass” just because they are not religious, or at least not their religion.

Really?  Personally, I think being religious can really skew our innate moral compasses even if it doesn’t always do so.

5.  I remember how it was most particularly when I was Muslim.  There were rules for everything right down to the minutia of daily life: how and what to eat, how to pray, whom to associate with and who not, how to go to the bathroom, how to bathe, how to dress, rules about sex, property, relationships, etc. and so forth. 

It was maddening!  It seemed that those who lived by these things couldn’t do anything for themselves unless a religious teacher, Koran, Najubalaghei, or hadith told them exactly how to do it and what was proper or not.

It wasn’t until long after I left Islam and  Islamic terror attacks (over 19,000 to date), that I realized how bad a thing this really was: people who are unaccustomed to honestly thinking for themselves really can’t tell right from wrong.  They can’t even question their religion/authorities (a capital offense in Islam).  They figure if they follow the directives of their religion and/or the example of their prophet it’s totally right.  Even if their religion and the example of their prophet calls for savagely violent conduct and the extermination or subjugation of all other people.

I’ve known about Mohammad’s mass murder of the Jews of Khaybar, the looting, the rapes, and enslavement of non-Muslims for a long time (albeit not while I was still Muslim) but it somehow didn’t dawn on me that modern terrorists were doing what they were doing just because Mohammad had set the example.  That changed this June when the Boko Haram and ISIS started going particularly ape-sh*t and genocidal and even western Muslims started showing support of them. 

It puzzled me so much that they could do this that I began accepting Facebook invites from Muslims I didn’t know just so that I could have hope of understanding their mind set.

Meanwhile, I read about other apostates from Islam who’d left Islam specifically because Mohammad’s behavior at the Battle of Khaybar offended their sense of humanity.  That was when I realized.  So I thought maybe Muslims in general just didn’t know this was what terrorists were emulating.  I didn’t back in the day after all.  Maybe if they knew, they’d apostate too in favor of humanity.

I looked over the internet to see what Muslims, if any, were saying about the battle of Khaybar.  Much to my disappointment, I found that it was not only well-known among Muslims but they were actually proud of it.  Proud that their prophet committed these obvious crimes against humanity and proud that the terrorists among them do the same.  They even went as far as calling it “noble” of all things!

I no longer consider them or their religion redeemable.  It’s a cancer among us.

6.  Right and wrong.  Maybe I’m being unfair.  Maybe it’s not all that black and white.  But it seems to me that if it’s unharmonious, destructive, cruel, and oppressive to people its WRONG.  But Islamists don’t see it that way at all.  They think it’s right.  I just wonder if they’d like to be treated the way they treat non-Muslims.  I suspect they’d whine about it to beat the band and call it grotesquely unfair.

Had one say I didn’t have the right to be called human and another that my heart was rotten if I criticized Prophet Mohammad for committing genocide or clerics for calling for it against the Jews and Christians or non-Muslims in general.  Apparently, committing genocide is okay but criticizing the prophet is not.

7.  Souls speaking from the other side have often said the religious concepts of Heaven and Hell were wrong; fairy tales even.  There is an afterlife, but souls are only segregated from one another by free choice and character.  Like naturally coalesces around like.  Some just see what they want or expect to see.  There is no punishment or reward.  That only happens on earth. 

8.  Karma only happens on earth.  What goes around comes around here because we are limited in the physical and cannot see the greater whole.  We either get along or we don’t.  You get what you get.  The parameters are heavily dependent on your own conduct.  But only here. 

Here is where it matters.  Don’t justify the harming of others unless you wish to justify their harming you in return.  Treat others the way you want to be treated and life will be better for everyone. 

I sincerely wish they taught that very simple thing in all religions since those of us who are not religious still have to live among them.

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