Soul Musings

1.  Sometimes in the night, when I lay there restless, awake, and thinking for a long time, unable to shut down the pesky muse (who bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell), Jeb will sense it no matter how quiet I am.  He’ll sigh and say, “You’re getting up, aren’t you?” and I’ll admit that I am.  

I’ll go to my computer and write, research, or draw whatever it is my muse is insisting on at the time until it’s safely out of my system.  But when I go back to bed and Jeb kindly asks if I need the light to see my way about, I always say no.  The truth is that I close my eyes the moment I enter our dark room.  All my senses are tuned.  I can feel the room around me.  I don’t need the light.  Also, I don’t want it to distract me if that makes sense.  I can see images behind my eyelids, patterns, mandellas, messages trying to form that I hope I will take into dreams with me and expand.

I think I must have been blind in some other life.  There’s a part of me that really doesn’t need to see in order to discern the reality surrounding me.  At least that’s how it feels and the feeling is strangely comforting.  There are no monsters in my dark.

2.  I saw a study recently where they interviewed Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) who happened to be stone blind in this physical reality.  But they could see as well as any sighted person when they were out of body.  What’s more, they described the same sights in the Afterlife  that sighted people do.

3.  Something about the Serpens of Beta Reticuli that kind of surprised me was the fact that they were so compassionate and spiritual but also religious in a way our world’s religions could well identify with.  A former pope I know of certainly did and so did certain Shia Muslims.  Like their identifier, religion controls their lives in that they have certain ways of doing things in accordance with it, certain songs and rituals, certain times of day they pray, and the same vision of an after world that our NDEers have – except theirs doesn’t require the experience.  It’s just very simply acknowledged in their faith.  They believe, as I do, that all things in the Cosmos are connected in a great and self-aware intelligence.  Religion is not something they fight about though.  It’s not divisive for them as it is for humans.  There is some indication that Serpens have instilled religion in humans but with different results than what they were obviously expecting.  I wonder if they’re sorry about that?

4.  Religion in our world bothers me in certain ways.  It’s okay for people that don’t trust/know themselves quite well enough to give them confidence in the unseen, but it doesn’t work for me.  Not here.  Not in the way it is now.

It bugs me that people out of body will experience and report back things about the spirit and the afterlife and religious people will often dismiss them out of hand if it doesn’t meet with their paradigms. 

I think of my mother who was all kinds of disturbed at the ghosts of family members my siblings and I interacted with.  She was sure we were making it up because she couldn’t account for ghosts in her religious doctrine.  She’s Pentecostal and thinks ghosts must be demons.  Yet she says she believes the soul is eternal (which I agree with) and that there is an afterlife…

It bugs me that religion makes rules up for people to follow that involve even telling people what they can and can’t think.  I think whatever I do for my own reasons and I’m never going to deny it just because some religion or other says that wrong of me.  Ditto for doing whatever seems right for me.  If I’m not hurting anyone, they just leave me alone at it.  Only if I hurting someone do you have the right to intervene and maybe point that out.

I’m insulted and amused, but mostly insulted, when religious people state that non-religious people lack a “moral compass” just because they are not religious, or at least not their religion.

Really?  Personally, I think being religious can really skew our innate moral compasses even if it doesn’t always do so.

5.  I remember how it was most particularly when I was Muslim.  There were rules for everything right down to the minutia of daily life: how and what to eat, how to pray, whom to associate with and who not, how to go to the bathroom, how to bathe, how to dress, rules about sex, property, relationships, etc. and so forth. 

It was maddening!  It seemed that those who lived by these things couldn’t do anything for themselves unless a religious teacher, Koran, Najubalaghei, or hadith told them exactly how to do it and what was proper or not.

It wasn’t until long after I left Islam and  Islamic terror attacks (over 19,000 to date), that I realized how bad a thing this really was: people who are unaccustomed to honestly thinking for themselves really can’t tell right from wrong.  They can’t even question their religion/authorities (a capital offense in Islam).  They figure if they follow the directives of their religion and/or the example of their prophet it’s totally right.  Even if their religion and the example of their prophet calls for savagely violent conduct and the extermination or subjugation of all other people.

I’ve known about Mohammad’s mass murder of the Jews of Khaybar, the looting, the rapes, and enslavement of non-Muslims for a long time (albeit not while I was still Muslim) but it somehow didn’t dawn on me that modern terrorists were doing what they were doing just because Mohammad had set the example.  That changed this June when the Boko Haram and ISIS started going particularly ape-sh*t and genocidal and even western Muslims started showing support of them. 

It puzzled me so much that they could do this that I began accepting Facebook invites from Muslims I didn’t know just so that I could have hope of understanding their mind set.

Meanwhile, I read about other apostates from Islam who’d left Islam specifically because Mohammad’s behavior at the Battle of Khaybar offended their sense of humanity.  That was when I realized.  So I thought maybe Muslims in general just didn’t know this was what terrorists were emulating.  I didn’t back in the day after all.  Maybe if they knew, they’d apostate too in favor of humanity.

I looked over the internet to see what Muslims, if any, were saying about the battle of Khaybar.  Much to my disappointment, I found that it was not only well-known among Muslims but they were actually proud of it.  Proud that their prophet committed these obvious crimes against humanity and proud that the terrorists among them do the same.  They even went as far as calling it “noble” of all things!

I no longer consider them or their religion redeemable.  It’s a cancer among us.

6.  Right and wrong.  Maybe I’m being unfair.  Maybe it’s not all that black and white.  But it seems to me that if it’s unharmonious, destructive, cruel, and oppressive to people its WRONG.  But Islamists don’t see it that way at all.  They think it’s right.  I just wonder if they’d like to be treated the way they treat non-Muslims.  I suspect they’d whine about it to beat the band and call it grotesquely unfair.

Had one say I didn’t have the right to be called human and another that my heart was rotten if I criticized Prophet Mohammad for committing genocide or clerics for calling for it against the Jews and Christians or non-Muslims in general.  Apparently, committing genocide is okay but criticizing the prophet is not.

7.  Souls speaking from the other side have often said the religious concepts of Heaven and Hell were wrong; fairy tales even.  There is an afterlife, but souls are only segregated from one another by free choice and character.  Like naturally coalesces around like.  Some just see what they want or expect to see.  There is no punishment or reward.  That only happens on earth. 

8.  Karma only happens on earth.  What goes around comes around here because we are limited in the physical and cannot see the greater whole.  We either get along or we don’t.  You get what you get.  The parameters are heavily dependent on your own conduct.  But only here. 

Here is where it matters.  Don’t justify the harming of others unless you wish to justify their harming you in return.  Treat others the way you want to be treated and life will be better for everyone. 

I sincerely wish they taught that very simple thing in all religions since those of us who are not religious still have to live among them.

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Tracks in the wood

A picture from


…tugged my memory of a long time ago when my grandparents lived on an old farm in Machias Washington. I say old, because they weren’t the first there.

The original farmhouse had long since decayed and been bullhoused to make room for my grandparent’s double wide trailer but the old barn was still there as well as a canning shed in which could still be found quite a few canned goods and a lot of empty jars. They got a few year’s use out of the barn for storage before it too collapsed.

When they cleared a blackberry field near the road to plant an orchard in, they uncovered a 1930s era car that had crashed there, the stinky remains of the driver still sealed within, clutching the steering wheel he was hunched over with one hand while the other still clung to an open bottle of since dehydrated brandy.

Grandpa got with the authorities to identify the next of kin and remove the body but kept the old car. He stripped away the body of the car and built a wooden wagon for the back of it in place of the back seat and converted the rest, still in surprisingly decent condition, into a tractor. He let us kids drive it now and then with him in the passenger seat laughing.

He even let me drive it despite my being too small to see over the steering wheel and press the gas pedal at the same time. That was how he lost his newly planted cherry tree and STILL he laughed.

Grandpa built Grandma a chicken coop wherein a young rooster chick imprinted on me and became my pet. Even when he was a full grown and very large white rooster, he would still let me cuddle and play with him though he was mean as the dickens to everyone else, my poor grandmother included.

Beyond the chicken coop, they allowed some blackberry bushes to remain where we all picked berries for Grandma to make jellies and pies. Once, Mom and Grandma freaked out in that endeavor to find a mama black bear and 3 cubs eating berries on the other side of the bush from us and we walked away real slow then.

Just past the berry bushes was the edge of an old growth forest with huge trees, loads of thick moss, and a little creek running through, just deep and wind enough to make a great swimming hole. Grandpa even built us a rope swing there. It was a lovely place. I wasn’t much of a swimmer yet, but it wasn’t too deep for me. When I wasn’t swimming there during the summer, I was making chickens out of the mud, feathering them with fern fronds and moss and setting them to dry on the nests of twigs I’d made them along the shore. I think I was about 5 or 6 when I was into that.

51_Grandma's River

Grandma by her creek in the woods and grandpa and grandma in the snowy woods one winter in the 1960s.

53_Grandparents Snowbough

The thing is, this place was thick with history buried only a short way under layers of time.

One fall day, my parents left me and my sister Gail alone while they went up the mountain to cut wood. I was 6 and Gail was 7. Parents did that back then. Kids were disciplined very sternly then and expected to behave well. Also, there were nearly the dangers around then as there are now, especially not deep in the countryside, except for one tiny thing…

My sister was obedient at that time in her life. I, on the other hand, was more adventurous than obedient and, also, I wanted to be where my mother and grandmother were and I wanted it NOW.  So while Gail yammered frantically on about how I was being bad and she was going to tattle on me, I pulled on Grandmas rubber wading boots and ran clumsily away from the trailer and down into the forest above which the mountain rose.

It didn’t dawn on me that the grownups had taken the truck and therefore could not have driven to the mountains this way since there wasn’t a road in this part of the forest.  And I didn’t realize either that the mountain was a lot further away than it looked.  It was so big in the landscape here that I assumed it was just a short walk away on the other side of the creek.

I waded across a shallow section of the creek, crossed a meadow, and entered another forest even deeper and darker than the one before.  

I should have been afraid, but I wasn’t.  I’ve always felt very strangely safe in deep forests, like I was part of them or something.  I did become just a little worried though to realize that the mountain was not only further away than I thought but also much bigger than I thought.  What’s more, I could no longer see the mountain for the trees so couldn’t tell if I were going in the right direction or not.  Still, I trucked confidently on, sure I’d just miraculously arrive there and find everyone if I just stuck to it.

I was eventually surprised to notice stumps and fallen trees and thing that looked identical to those I’d passed before.  Thought that was rather odd.  It never occurred to me that I was going in circles, but that’s what I was doing for the most part.  Didn’t seem to be getting anywhere though, so I finally deviated slightly and came across and old railway track running through the woods, another oddity, because I’d never heard a train in the distance from the farm or forest here.  Yet where there were track, there had to be a train, right?

But no.  The track wasn’t even entirely whole.  Parts of it had been twisted off course and broken by apparent mudslides near creaks that had washed the earth away beneath them.  The ties, tar coated though they must have been, were in an advanced state of decay.  

Something strange happened here.  Or not.  I’m not sure.  I know I have always had a hyperactive imagination and this abandoned ail track surely excited it so I’m not sure if it happened here or if I just dreamed of this place later… but there came a place where the rail track descended into a tunnel that broadened out into a room, some sort of busy medical center where people were being examined by strange small doctors, being prepared for something…

It must have been a dream.  It doesn’t make sense what I saw there.  

I was on the track again, the tunnel nowhere in sight, nor my family, so I diverged off it back into the wood on the verge and heard people calling me.

“I’m here!” I called back and they came crashing through the brush toward me: my parents and grandparents and Gail too.

“Look,” said my grandfather as we walked back, crossing over my boot prints made previously.

I looked to where he was pointing and saw a cat paw print, just a much larger one than cats normally have.  I was puzzled at the size.  “It looks like a cat print,” I said, “but how could it be so big?”

“It was a mountain lion,” Grandpa said.  “It must have been following you.  We found its tracks overlying yours every step of the way.”

My mother and grandmother made panicked worry sounds but I just shrugged at them.  “It wouldn’t have hurt me.”  I was completely and irrationally convinced of this.  I don’t know why.  I wasn’t even all that interested.  “Did you see the old train tracks though?  Pretty cool, huh?”

“You are in SOOOOO much trouble!” was all my mother said to that.  “You do remember being told to stay put don’t you?”

I thought about it.  “No… I don’t remember that and I wanted to come help you.  Wouldn’t you have liked that?”

I got a spanking before dinner, bath, and bed that night.  I felt so misunderstood.  I think perhaps this is when I may have dreamed of the rail tracks going under and all the little doctors preparing people for who knew what.

Years later, I researched about the mysterious train tracks and found out that there were many of them crisscrossing Washington State.  Most of them were for passenger lines that people used to be very dependent on.

In WWI, the passenger lines were commandeered by the military to move troops on to training facilities before they were shipped overseas.  This meant civilians no longer had use of them.  By the time the military released them back to civilians, cars had taken over as the main form of transport so they didn’t get as much traffic as they used to. 

WWII came and the dwindling passenger lines were commandeered by the military again.  Afterwards, there was almost no business traffic for them at all, so most of them were abandoned.

We do have light rail again in Washington just recently, but it’s very limited and unreliable and no longer an efficient way to get around.  More’s the pity.  When I was stationed in Germany during the 1980s, passenger trains were thee way to get around and were very efficient and well maintained.  I loved them and went everywhere on them.  Someday, I hope we have that here again.  It would so beat the hell out of rush hour traffic on Interstate 5.  You know?

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Poor Islam is so misunderstood…

I have to repost this and maybe a few others.  I keep seeing Muslims calling for the genocide and/or abuse of non-Muslims and then, when I point out their religion is every bit as violent and savage and mafia-like as its founder was, they protest about their religion being misunderstood.  They claim their prophet was just and compassionate even when hadith describe him as anything but that.

They really can’t tell right from wrong.  If the prophet did it, they call it right.  If he didn’t, they call it wrong.  I think this may be in part due to excessive in-breeding.  They don’t use intelligence or compassion to decide what’s right or wrong; they just use religion – which is often very wrong but they won’t admit it.  Hell, they probably don’t even see it.

They blame our media for “misrepresenting” them.     I say that’s bullshit.  If they want a nicer things said of themselves and their religion, they’d behave like civilized human beings straight across the board.  Not like this:

Nigeria_Boko_Haram_Jihad_Terrorist_Islam FootofIslam Islam_terror islam3thCA2D5EWW barbarism-in-Itamar3 isis_abu_waheeb_2 isis-executing-featured 1966762_671295109599941_469368959_n   5c0c5d52d38f02b9323d2bf228d3e756 730632_f260 1393379_764514700242374_1089731996_n ab1a6806769e9fd139f19135c4d0c16a Ceremony of the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution barbarism-in-Itamar3 boko-haram d44965279dfc82276ac6d06efa58932a islamic-radicals islam-will-dominate-the-world jihadspeech palestinians-celebrate-911       

     Muslim Fanatic’s start riot & attack Hindu’s in Hyderabad

Personally, I can see nothing to love or respect about Islam.  It is every bit as irredeemable savage as its founder was.  Hopefully someday soon, we will cut off all relations to the Muslim world and let none within our nations.  They belong in their own f3cked up world; not ours.

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The Jigsaw game

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle but none of them have an overview.  I suspect this is part of the assimulation program; someone thinking we’re not quite ready yet but wanting us to be sometime soon.

Me, I just gather the pieces and try to make them fit.  I can’t see the overview either yet, but I can at least see where some of the pieces fit together.

Now and then I’m blocked, asking too many questions, warily regarded, cautiously let in, given one more piece to turn over in my hands, looking at it from every angle.

Many others have been given these pieces as well.  Some were even presidents.  Eisenhower knew the most, as did Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, Reagan.  Each were given part of a careful breifing. 

Kennedy was the most interested and hopeful.  He wanted to scatter more of the puzzle bits around at large.  Others objected.  He didn’t live much longer after expressing this desire though it probably wasn’t the only reason for his assasination if reason at all.  The CIA head was mad about being fired; having his autonomous powers divided.  Castro was probably mad at the attempted assination attempt on him as well.


Reagan was interested too, but much more interested in when the snacks were going to be brought in.  “Can we get some sandwiches in here?  Oh.  I’m sorry.  You were saying?”

I’ve a collection of pieces in each of my two hands, laughing because those that gave them to me have somehow never seen what the other gave.  Didn’t know.  Never talked about it with each other.  Didn’t even guess.

I see how its going to be: how it always is: just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out you were wrong. 

“There are stranger things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in thine philosophy.”

Yes, and this universe is far more populated than we can even imagine.

What if we just woke up one day and really opened our eyes? 

It would be there all around us and we’d have to realize, reasses, the fact that its been there all along, politely just moving around our well sheltered little paradigms.

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(Video) Syria testimony: Muslims kill Christians for Allah and bottle and sell their blood to Saudis

This gallery contains 26 photos.

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
“Muslims are not like other, normal human beings. They are full of evil. They rape and kill people. They are satanic.” – Buddhist monk in Myanmar/Burma . There exist no human being on earth…

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I want one of these!

From an email forward this morning…

Where do old bumper cars go? The ones in Coney Island and Rockaway Park back in the 20’s thru the 50s ran on electricity.  They had a pole on the back going to a metal electrical charged overhead plate.


You remember driving the bumper cars at amusement parks or a fair, don’t you? They were so much fun…..

Well, now what do you do with old bumper cars?

(And, check out the license plates.)

 001 002 003  005 006 007 008



Yes, you read that right; these little Beasties are street legal.

They run on either Kawasaki orHonda motorcycle engines and co-optvintage bumper car bodies into the most awesome form of mini-car we’ve seen in too long. There are seven of these little monsters floating around California and they’re all the creation of one man, Tom Wright, a builder in the outskirts of San Diego who figured the leftovers of the Long Beach Pike amusement park needed a more dignified end than the trash heap.

They were originally powered by twocylinder Harley Davidson motorcycle engines but they rattled like heck because of the two-cylinder vibration and Tom replaces them with four cylinder Honda or Kawasaki 750′s and a couple have been measured as capable of 160 MPH, which is terrifyinglyfast in machines with such a short wheelbase.

By the way, they are almost  indestructible in accidents.

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Sims 3 tricks and stuff n’ such

1.  Being a mere yearling in Sims 3, I’m still learning a lot and very proud of everything I learn despite knowing that more veteran players (there, Amy, I said it) probably already know this stuff.  So here’s what I’ve learned most recently:

  • To enter a cheat code, you hit Ctrl+Shift-C, type your code in, and then hit Enter before proceeding with whatever you’re going to do.
  • How to make split level stairs.  Use the cheat “Floorelevationconstrained false,” enter, and build a little room (like 2 squares big) on your level terrain BEFORE building anything else of the house.  Put floor tiles on top of this room as if for a second story.  Move over a couple of squares an put some stairs down.  It will sink the terrain a little at it’s foot.  Put another stairs down adjacent to the sunken part and the second stair will sing the terrain a little more at its foot.  Then delete both stairs and build a 2nd little room at the lower spot, levelling a little from that point so you have at least 2 squares to work with.  It helps.  Roof the 2nd room with floor tiles then, starting from the this one’s roof, use your leveling tool to go to the top of the 1st building.  This will force the 1st room half-way into the ground.  You can then delete the 2nd building.  The first one is now your mid-floor landing.   You can’t attach the walls of other levels to it though, only the stairs to the appropriate floors.  But that’s cool.  You can make an open indoor garden around it.  Meh.  Too involved to go into here.  Maybe later if anyone’s interested.  I had enough trouble getting it all down that when I finally got it just right, I saved the completed wrap-around stairs in my library all by themselves so I wouldn’t have to remember it all.  I could just plop it down on any new lot I wanted to start with.
  • You need “Testingcheatsenabled true” and “Moveobjects on” to put undersea windows into the hull of a houseboat.  The hull is created the same way you create a basement.
  • Use “Moveobjects on” to put objects closer to each other than the software ordinarily allows.  You can even combine things, like columns with half walls and such, by using this cheat.  It doesn’t work for everything, but it does for most things.  You should turn it off right after you use it because it has weird effects, like windows disappearing into walls and such if you don’t.  You can correct the disappearing windows or door either before or after turning off the cheat just by making a little grab at them until they come back into view.
  • I’ve learned I can plop new islands and lots anywhere I like!  Can’t describe how here though.  It’s something my daughter showed me on the control pannel.  I know where it is but not how to describe it.
  • I learned how to make glass floors/roofs… not just the pretend kind that involves the use of the feefifum fence across open spaces that lets rain and sims fall through.  It requires the Into the Future Expansion Pack and the “Moveojects on” cheat.  There are glass tiles available in this pack.  You can place them on top of an existing floor and get a glassy look but not the real thing unless you use the cheat.  When you use the cheat to place them, it merges with and replaces the existing floor to make it translucent.  Either way, it won’t place at all unless there’s an open space beneath the given floor.
  • The cheat “BuyDebug” gives access to a special menu that is titled simply “?”  There are all kinds of cool doo-dads, spawners, and objects in there used by the developers to create the various Sims 3 worlds, including ones you might not have the expansion pack for.  I found movie sets in there, e.g., despite the fact that I don’t have the Showtime expansion pack.  Included here of my particular interest is a blue ball you can put into your landscape to create mist and others that spawn various times of fish, bugs, butterflies, animals, seeds, and collectables.  The icons for these can be handled like any other object, but disappear from view when you go live.  They’re only visible in edit mode.
  • You can make windows in your pool walls into the basement surrounding the pool!
  • Big deal for me, I just figured out how to make an aquarium; not the little home type, but the big type!  You build a big pool or series of them, enclose them in a basement with a minimum of 1 square between pool wall and basement wall because “Moveobjects on” is not going to let you collide those walls.  Put windows in them (this doesn’t require the cheat that putting windows in a houseboat hull does; it’s different).  Then open the Buydebug cheat and plop in the proper designator for fresh or salt water, the right fish spawners, and coral, sea grass, or whatever.  Build the floor above, putting railings around each pool and a stair going down to the aquarium basement.  La voila!
  • I’ve got a working idea of how to do waterfall now too… but it’s nothing like any of the tutorials I’ve seen online requiring the columns to make water fall from an upper pond or extensive use of the blue ball.  Tried that.  Doesn’t work for me.  What does work, cheesy as it is, is to make the cliff, forget about a pond on top because that for whatever reason never fills with water up there, make the pond at the bottom, put a vertical indent into the cliff wall and tuck some geysers into the base and a large landscaping rock to hide the base of the geysers.  I may also tuck blue balls into the base and top, but it’s not hugely necessary.  It still ends up looking like a water fall and is still falling water even when you go up close, unlike the mist-made waterfalls shown in may a tutorial and appearing throughout the Sim lands.

2.  …Not that mist-made waterfalls don’t exist or anything.  I just don’t like them as much to play in as actual pounding water type waterfalls.  I saw a mist-made one in Oregon once though.  This was in the waterfall district of the Columbia Gorge.  There’s this one waterfall that falls from so high up that its turned to heavy mist by the time it reaches bottom and is already being so carried away by the wind that theres not even a pool or a river at its bottom.  Very strange.

3.  Holy crap (literally) the news coming out of the Middle East and the White House lately! 

Obama sent warships to the Gulf “to protect American interests and Americans” in Iraq.

Uhmmm… What interests would those be? Oil? Do we really wish to continue trade relations with those crazy people over there? I mean, hell, if you have to bring in war ships to do it, something is NOT right with that arrangement. It’s stupid and dangerous to have anything to do with that part of the world.

And why wouldn’t have Americans been evacuated from there by now?

Meanwhile, some of the Iraqis that abandoned the weapons we gave them and fled Mosul in advance of the even crazier bloody Islamists have now decided it’s safer to go back because the military check points are now gone and the utilities are back on.

Define “Safe.” These guys just beheaded not only hundreds of policemen and soldiers, playing soccer with the severed heads, but have also taken to killing non-Muslims as well as Muslims they deem not Muslim enough. How on earth is that safe?

One Iraqi says that they fear the government forces sending in bombs and that maybe they might be safer among the Islamists.

Dicey logic there if you ask me. For one thing, no Islamist is “safe” unless he’s locked up, weaponless, or dead. For another thing, the government forces will be attacking the Islamists/seditionists and Middle Easterners are not known to refrain from making casualties of innocent bystanders. No. They’ll just kill at random whoever happens to be at the target point.

So what sane or intelligent person would think that being at the target point is a really great idea?

I’ll tell you what sort: None.


Darwin Awards are coming up soon methinks.

4.  Please, if there are any sane, civilized, Muslims out there, you should just cut yourselves free from Islam and cut your losses instead of continually aiding and abetting the thuggery of Islam just by virtue of even silent soladarity with it.

5.  And yes, Islam always turns out this way when practiced strictly. It’s a flat out lie or plain delusion to think otherwise.  Koran and haddith alike call for making a wide slaughter of unbelievers and making those let to live pay tribute and keep to 2nd class citizenship.  Women are always 3rd class citizens of course.  And whenever Islam doesn’t have enough local unbelievers to slaughter, they start slaughtering fellow Muslims to make up for it on basis of “Not being Muslim enough,” being “heretical,” or whatever excuse they can come up.  Either way, it is mostly peaceful innocents they slaughter most widely.  Islam is a very violent and primitive religion.  Allah demands constant blood sacrifices it seems.

6.  I planted my whole kitchen garden on my deck this year in hangars and in big pots and bowls: Sugar peas, two kinds of beans, lettuces, herbs, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots and they’re doing great!  For once, I’m not having to fight the weeds, the bugs, and the slugs for everything.  Never have time for that anymore anyway.  I know: lazy gardener syndrome.  Whatevs’.

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