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Morning Rambles

I dreamt of being moved with my family to a sort of apartment building in a little town far south of my actual home but still in this state.  The rooms were lit by lamps and candles and heated with … Continue reading

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When mother and grown child are strangers

The other day on Badoo, I had to stop talking to a young woman who was striving to get U.S. citizenship for her Mexican husband before he even sets foot here.  I told her – at least I think I did … Continue reading

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Dream Haunts

Just a passing thought to record before it drifts off again… In reading and hearing about the ghostly experiences of other people, one regular pattern has emerged regarding the spirits of people known personally by the experiencer: they visit in dreams more … Continue reading

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Creative Learning School

I’m not a teacher, but last night I dreamt I was.  I was teaching in a one-room, any age, school house called the Creative Learning School.  I covered the zoology and history sections and others covered math, physical sciences, esoteric sciences, … Continue reading

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12-21-2012: Five Worlds Passed and Another Yet to Come

 This is a repost of a blog I originally wrote on MySpace in 2007. 12… 21… 2012… Time pauses. She holds her breath… the barrier we can’t look beyond; chill promise to keep and five more years to wait. But wait … Continue reading

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Religion Blinders

Knowing my parents have become very religious “born again” Christians over the years, Jeb playfully asks, “Shall we tell them all about the conference we’re going to?” referring to the Concious Life Expo in Los Angeles, Feb 11-13. “I wouldn’t.” … Continue reading

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Time Travel

If you could travel back into your own time line and do one thing differently, what would it be and why?  And would it be worth it to you to have to live your live over again from that point … Continue reading

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