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Human Rights & Other Freedoms

I get a lot of petitions sent my way and I sign the ones I care about while ignoring all others. A healthy percentage of these concern basic human rights for women in the Islamic world, the freeing of “prisoners of … Continue reading

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Cherry Chicken and Rice

This dish was inspired by a favorite Persian food back in my Iranian days.  I never learned how to make it the way they did, but over the years I have refined it into something just as good… maybe even … Continue reading

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Random Observations

1.  A difference in opinion is not worth getting uptight over, much less fighting or breaking up friendships.  We are much more than the opinions we happen to hold at any particular time.  We live, we experience, we change as … Continue reading

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Rambulations and Dreams

1. Can’t get to Facebook, the Sims 3 forum, or my own email today.  It’s very sad. 2.  A Muslim man, an immigrant here from Iran, who’s acquaintance I’d made and who was disappointed in my being married for some reason, once … Continue reading

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Broadway Broad Day

1.  Gee that spelling looks foreign this morning. 2.  Ahem.  I wake up, right in the middle of a good dream because something keeps knocking at my brain.  Before I go insane, I hold my pillow to my head and … Continue reading

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Trying to dredge up the memory of last night’s dream…. It seems I’d gone to another world with a large team of… fellow colonisers I guess?  We didn’t go by space ship, but rather through something like a tunnel of … Continue reading

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The Color Purple

  My friend Dana posted this picture of a purple door on his facebook yesterday and I fell in love with it!  I love Victorianna and I especially love purple!  Oh, and I have a thing for any sort of portals … Continue reading

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Eggplant Casserole

I haven’t made this dish for years, mostly because Jeb thought eggplant looked alien and he wasn’t too keen on anything that looked alien.  When he was growing up, he never had to eat anything alien looking and that was … Continue reading

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Sleepy thoughts and Fettuccini Alfredo with Sausage and Shrimp

1.  Frustrated.  Buyer bugs me rather frantically yesterday to receive in some invoices and I do all I can.  That includes all that have a working PO.  After spending an hour looking up all the individual items, I find that I … Continue reading

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Okay, it’s time…

I’ve been keeping my website, Ampbreia Reloaded, open for too long to such little purpose.  I started it way back when someone said I’d have to have my own website to post details of my book(s) on when I got … Continue reading

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