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Thoughts & Dreams

1. “They are treating this as a criminal act, not a terrorist-related incident.” — From an article I read this morning about a gun-man in the White house. WTF? There’s a difference? Maybe that distinction in terms is one of the … Continue reading

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Human Rights & Other Freedoms

I get a lot of petitions sent my way and I sign the ones I care about while ignoring all others. A healthy percentage of these concern basic human rights for women in the Islamic world, the freeing of “prisoners of … Continue reading

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Child marriage lie and truth

Earlier, I shared this picture from a mass Muslim marriage purported to be of preadolescent brides.  Then I looked it up on Snopes and found out that the picture was being misrepresented.  It was a picture from a mass Muslim marriage, … Continue reading

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Problem Solving, Belligerance, and Cutes

…but not necessarily in that order. My dragons kept fouling their large dish of water because they love bathing in it but full-body immersion always makes them poop and then (no blame on them) they don’t care to drink it.  … Continue reading

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Being opinionated

It is my opinion… 1. That any nation or group that purposefully keeps having children beyond the extent of their available resources is going to earn a Darwin award for themselves and their offspring and that anyone who encourages this … Continue reading

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Good morning!

1. The first news article I read this morning made me a little misty-eyed: Single Mom Caught Shoplifting Gets Touching Surprise From Cops I remember what it was like being a single mom getting very little help from my kid’s … Continue reading

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I have a sinking feeling about this…

On any given morning, the news that comes up in my live feed generally has a noticeable element to it, as though it were just one reporter reporting it all and it’s based only on what he/she is obsessed with at the … Continue reading

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