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Was someone trying to shut me up?

Ha. Jeb is reading a Clive Cussler book I got him got him for Christmas called Mirage and told me about a historical event described in the first chapter.  Cussler typically begins his stories with semi-historical events.  Which is to say, they’re … Continue reading

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The weekend past

1.  Talking with one of my online friends on Friday, he asked if I believed in religion.  I told him no.  He asked, “Why not?” I’m more inclined to think when asked that way, “Why should I?”  but replied more … Continue reading

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Ah the little ironies

1.  I finally earned my first royalties on the two books I published on Amazon in February, which is really encouraging!   This was on the Kindle version of each.    It amounts to only $17.53, which may not sound like … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas

Originally posted on Illuminate:
Cloud Atlas is a film… well wait.. let me backtrack. It’s an experience. Don’t expect it to make sense on your first view. Expect to make multiple viewings in order to notice new things each time.…

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