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We Are Dark Matter

On the Discovery (?) channel last night, they were talking about planets and dark matter. Wish I could recal exactly how they put it. I was fooling around with Sims 3 and not paying that close attention. They said that … Continue reading

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Getting the Longetude and Latitude

Kind of bugged by an odd memory I have. Back in Iran, I was sitting in the back seat of my bother-law’s car with my sister-in-law and their kids while driving the wending roada through the foot-hills of the Alboraz … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Immigration

Is it just me, or is legalizing illegal immigration some kind of weird oxymoran? I couldn’t get citizenship for my Iranian born son even though I was born and still am an American citizen. He was past the age of … Continue reading

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The Man Behind the Curtain

In response to Mohammad cartoon I posted showing a Mohammad in diapers throwing a tantrum over being criticized months ago, I got this response just this morning: Jalil Al-Hamza: “Right, because Muhammad(saws) was a crybaby, that crybaby brought a religion to … Continue reading

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Oopart Thoughts

Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts)  I came across some intriguing pictures of ooparts (out of place artifacts) and have been toying with explanations for them.  Some of them could be relatively modern objects that were caught in flowstone, silt, … Continue reading

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Random Goings On

I got banned from commenting or posting on Facebook because I responded to a post about how Muslims were treating non-Muslims in Europe by saying that non-Muslims should, by rights treat them exactly the same way.  You know: burning their … Continue reading

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The Kitten by the Road

I’m driving through the countryside of Machias, summer fields and trees and mountains flowing past me as if in slow motion, farm houses and trailers, far apart, like staccato images of falseness against an otherwise natural landscape.  I’m lost in a … Continue reading

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What you can expect of any religion

Religions are divisive.  They’re control clubs.  They take over your free will and much of your spiritual and independent cognitive processes.  They tell you what to think, do, and believe.  Everyone knows that or should. You belong to one, another, or … Continue reading

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“Traditional Marriage” and the Flip Side

ISIL and the Bilderburgers and who knows who else wants to take over the world and reduce all it doesn’t kill to slavery and people are STILL so easily distracted by other things. Meanwhile our traitor-in-cheif is importing terrorists and … Continue reading

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