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Once Upon a Virgin Sacrifice

The peak of their volcanic island smoking away, the primitive explains to their visitor from far away that the screams of terror and sobs he heard were simply of the virgin they’d had to sacrifice to the volcano god to … Continue reading

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Random Observations

1.  A difference in opinion is not worth getting uptight over, much less fighting or breaking up friendships.  We are much more than the opinions we happen to hold at any particular time.  We live, we experience, we change as … Continue reading

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Stray Thoughts and a Better World

1.  Seeing this pond idea someone developed into reality like pure magic, I thought first, ‘Huh.  I could do that by the side of my house where I have the garden I can’t manage to keep up with now.  It … Continue reading

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Breaking Free

“Got a call from an old friend we’d used to be real close Said he couldn’t go on the American way Closed the shop, sold the house, bought a ticket to the west coast Now he gives them a stand-up … Continue reading

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I’ve been pranked by my own mind!  The traitor! See, yesterday morning when I was sleeping off the time before my shift began when I heard another car drive up and voices, door slamming and such, so I came partially up … Continue reading

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