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Stuff and Such

1.  I made a yummy stir-fry of sliced kielbasa with onions, garlic, and shredded cabbage and carrots (your basic coleslaw vegetables) with a side of red skin potato salad.  The boys want me to cook.  They insist they do.  But … Continue reading

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By the Long Count

  By the long count, I’m just a starling Alighting on a moment, Flitting away on a spark of light, One downy feather drifting down in my wake By the long count, we can be like the lilies of the … Continue reading

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I watch the sun rise in gold and pink splendor, shooting down the valley filled with the mist rising from the river there, looking from my plateau for the moment like an inland sea. By noon, the mists are gone … Continue reading

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Death and Passages

It was calm and sunny this Saturday past and many of the people of Oso were enjoying the good weather out in their gardens and patios while others relaxed indoors playing games, watching television, reading their newspapers, or sleeping in.  On the … Continue reading

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Sim pictures

Ampbreia & Jeb dancing at The Forest Club while Stephen looks disdainfully on. Dana & Carolyn dancing at The Forest Club. Dana & Jeb chatting on the back patio of the castle. Jeb happily reading in the castle library.  Lori … Continue reading

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Anime Cats and Sims

I was a bit dismayed at feeling I didn’t have a good costume for Sakura Con coming up, so Jeb said he’d get me one. All I had to do was find it. Well I found some but let him … Continue reading

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Two Dreams

1.  I was in my early 20s but with full adult awareness/memory at my mother’s house for a family get-together.  We were playing a game called Bump at the dining room table when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I … Continue reading

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If you LOVED me you’d let me aSIMulate you…

Seriously, being a new Sims fan like I am and not having many friends outside of work, I was thinking I’d like to make Sim versions (looks, character traits, wishes, & star signs) of the people I know online, many … Continue reading

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Pieces of a dream

I remember only a little of what I dreamed last night, which is annoying because I was soooo determined to remember it better.  So I’m going to try extrapolating between the pieces as best I can and hope to make … Continue reading

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