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Afterlife Thoughts

Many religious people believe that God judges them in the afterlife and assigns them either Heaven or Hell for the rest of their eternity.  Many are of the opinion that it is not so correct action, but correct belief that gets … Continue reading

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Child marriage lie and truth

Earlier, I shared this picture from a mass Muslim marriage purported to be of preadolescent brides.  Then I looked it up on Snopes and found out that the picture was being misrepresented.  It was a picture from a mass Muslim marriage, … Continue reading

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Rambulations and Dreams

1. Can’t get to Facebook, the Sims 3 forum, or my own email today.  It’s very sad. 2.  A Muslim man, an immigrant here from Iran, who’s acquaintance I’d made and who was disappointed in my being married for some reason, once … Continue reading

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Iran and my assumptions

On Making Assumptions… Back when I was very young, idealistic, and naive as hell, I made the mistake of falling in love with an Iranian exchange student at my college named Reza.  This was in 1981, right after the 52 American hostage … Continue reading

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Featured Author: Debra Kamza/ Ampbreia Weiss

My friend, fellow memoir writer, and survivor of Iran, Lori Foroozandeh, interviewed me about my two books on her blog, named after her book, Lori’s Song.  Check it out.  And please check out her story as well. Featured Author: Debra … Continue reading

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Sex by the numbers – part 2

Age 16.  Kenny and I are both virgins and remain so the entire time we’re together.  I’m in no rush to lose that since I have no idea what that entails… pretty sure it’s more than just French kissing, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Sex by the numbers

At age 3: Totally neutral, natural, and clueless about it.  Self-gratification is just what you do until Mommy catches you at it and, with a look of disgust, scolds, “That’s NASTY!!! Stop that!!!”  You have no idea what she’s upset … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Kiss

Repost from Xanga with screenshot from Charmed, All Hell Breaks Lose… Eyes caught in that moment, That gossamer mesh where time and infinity collide, Worlds apart come together… Breath caught, The shiver of a delicate touch trembling with an urgency … Continue reading

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Dream Lover

Maisy is what you might call an “old maid.”  Orphaned as a teenager, she has lived alone but for her pets in her cottage by the sea all her life.  She has friends in the little town of See Breeze but has … Continue reading

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Life and Death and the Spaces In Between

Death at the door… “Somebody’s knocking should I let him in Lord it’s the devil would you look at him I’ve heard about him but I never dreamed He’d have blue eyes and blue jeans…” – from Somebody’s Knocking by … Continue reading

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